Henry Adams


I am excited to be starting a faculty position in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida in Fall 2023. My new webpage is still under construction.

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Talks for undergraduate students

It's important that mathematicians target some of our talks at a level appropriate for undergraduate audiences. This is perhaps especially true in applied topology, since it is an attractive area for introducing students to research. The slides for two talks that I like to give for undergraduates, in which I try to focus on pictures and de-emphasize formulas, are available here and here.

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YouTube tutorials

I sometimes make YouTube tutorials, such as the following.

The mapper algorithm and Reeb graphs [Notes]

What is the difference between Vietoris-Rips and Čech complexes?
(See Section VI at my research page to download this Mathematica demo.)

Merge trees and sublevelset persistent homology [Notes]

Paper introduction: "Computing persistent homology" by Afra Zomorodian and Gunnar Carlsson [Notes, Notes with blanks]

Introduction to the Wasserstein distance [Notes]

An introduction to the Gromov-Hausdorff distance [Notes]

What is the difference between persistence barcodes and persistence diagrams? [Notes]

Poster presentations