Henry Adams


My research interests are in computational topology and geometry, combinatorial topology, and applied topology (in particular to data analysis and to sensor networks).

I am a member of the Pattern Analysis Lab.

Here is my PhD thesis, a related research highlight, and an outdated research statement.

Papers on Vietoris-Rips and Čech complexes

  Random cyclic dynamical systems.
With Michał Adamaszek and Francis Motta.
To appear in Advances in Applied Mathematics 83 (2017), 1-23.
[Publisher Website, arXiv:1511.07832, Abstract]

  The Vietoris-Rips complexes of a circle.
With Michał Adamaszek.
[arXiv:1503.03669, Abstract, Slides, Poster, Talk Video]

  Nerve complexes of circular arcs.
With Michał Adamaszek, Florian Frick, Chris Peterson, and Corrine Previte-Johnson.
Discrete & Computational Geometry 56 (2016), 251-273.
[Publisher Website, arXiv:1410.4336, Abstract]

Papers on sensor networks

  Evasion paths in mobile sensor networks.
With Gunnar Carlsson.
International Journal of Robotics Research 34 (2015), 90-104.
[Publisher Website, PDF of Paper, Abstract, Slides, Poster, Talk Video, Multimedia]

Papers on data analysis

  Persistence images: A stable vector representation of persistent homology.
With Sofya Chepushtanova, Tegan Emerson, Eric Hanson, Michael Kirby, Francis Motta, Rachel Neville, Chris Peterson, Patrick Shipman, and Lori Ziegelmeier.
[arXiv:1507.06217, Abstract]

  Nudged elastic band in topological data analysis.
With Atanas Atanasov and Gunnar Carlsson.
Topological Methods in Nonlinear Analysis 45 (2015), 247-272.
[Publisher Website, arXiv:1112.1993, Abstract, Slides, Software, Javadoc, Data]

  On the nonlinear statistics of range image patches.
With Gunnar Carlsson.
SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences 2 (2009), 110-117.
[Publisher Website, PDF of Paper, Abstract, Data]

Conference proceedings

  Javaplex: A research software package for persistent (co)homology.
With Andrew Tausz and Mikael Vejdemo-Johansson.
Proceedings of ICMS 2014, Han Hong and Chee Yap (Eds), LNCS 8592 (2014), 129-136.
Software available at http://appliedtopology.github.io/javaplex/.
[Publisher Website, Abstract]

Software tutorials