Calculus for the Physical Sciences II
M CC 161, Section 5, Fall 2005, Ref# 332032

Professor: Dr. Pries
E-mail: pries AT, Webpage:
Lecture: MWF 12:10-1, Anatomy and Zoology Anazo W205.

Instructor: Mr. Byungsoo Kim
8am: Tuesday 8-8:50 am, Eng B2
10am: Tuesday 10-10:50 am, Eng B105
12noon: Tuesday 12:10-1 pm, Eng E104
1pm: Tuesday 1:10-2 pm, Eng E202.

Text: Thomas' Calculus, Edition 11, Weir, Hass and Giordano, Calculator (T183 or better).

Course content: Exponentials and logarithms, integration, differential equations, polar coordinates, series and series of functions. Tentative syllabus

Prerequisite: M124, M160 or equivalent experience.

Exam 1: Thursday, September 15, 5:15-7:00 pm
Exam 2: Thursday, October 13, 5:15-7:00 pm (NO CALCULATORS!)
Exam 3: Thursday, November 17, 5:15-7:00 pm
Final: Wednesday, December 14, 9:10-11:10 am

These dates are published in the Schedule of Classes and you are expected to attend these exams.  The only excused absences from these exams are offical university approved absences. If you have an unavoidable conflict with an evening exam or final, you must submit a written explanation (e-mail, include phone number) of your conflict to the course coordinator Prof. Thomas at least two weeks prior to the exam. Examinations will not be rescheduled because of travel arrangements. It is your responsibility to schedule travel appropriately.

The exams will test any or all of the material listed on the course schedule, including problems and material introduced from the computer labs. Calculators can be used on the exams, except for exam 2. The locations for the exams will be announced later.

Homework: Homework is the most important part of this class. Completing homework assignments is crucial for doing well in this class. The process of doing homework problems will help you learn the material and be ready to solve problems on the tests. It is important to keep up with new course material. There may be as many as 6 pop quizzes during the semester.

Homework is due every Tuesday at the beginning of recitation and every Friday at the beginning of class. No late homework will be accepted. The 5 lowest homework grades will be dropped. Homework problems must be neat, legible, clearly numbered and spaced out in order to receive credit. Homework assignments must be stapled.
Detailed information on homework and exams
Solutions to algebra-trigonometry exam
Solutions to practice midterm 1 S05
Solutions (messy) to midterm 1
Solutions to practice midterm 2 S05
Review polar and parametric
General review chapter 11
Review series
Review Taylor
Review Taylor answers
Review Series answers
Answers to practice exam 3 fall 04
Solutions to Exam practice complex numbers due Mon 12/5
Solutions to Exam practice chapter 7 due Mon 12/5
Solutions to Exam practice chapter 8 due Tues 12/6
Solutions to Exam practice chapter 10 due Mon 12/5
Solutions to Exam practice chapter 11 due Tues 12/6

Computer Lab: On four Tuesdays (most likely 9/13, 10/11, 11/15, and 11/29), the recitations will meet in the computer lab Weber 205. Information about the computer lab

Grading: The course grades will be computed as follows.
Exam 1 (100 points); Exam 2 (100 points); Exam 3 (100 points); Final (200 points); Homework (50 points); Computer Labs (40 points); Borderline grades are decided on the basis of class participation.

Help: Help is always available if you have trouble with homework or lecture material. Try getting help from: your classmates, Mr. Kim (office hours Weber 17: Mon 10-11, Tues 2-4, Fri 9-10), Ingersoll Hall (5-10 pm on Sun, Mon, Wed, Th), me (office hours Weber 221: Mon 2-3, Wed 10-11).