Mathematics 161, Calculus 2

12.00 MWF, Clark 164
Alexander Hulpke

This page contains material for my M 161 course, Fall '06.

Office Hours

Ingersoll Hall Tutorial
Andrew Hudson, Joshua Olson
MW3.30, T3, R9
Alexander Hulpke
T11, R10


The Final is on Monday, December 11, 1:30pm-3:30pm in Engineering 100.


These are pdf files of my handouts. format.




This list gives homework for each class day. It might be updated over the course of the semester. Written homework is due at the start of the class on the indicated day. Webwork homework is due at 8pm on the indicated day followed by a brief grace period.
DaySectionWebWorKdueWrittendue in class
Mon, Aug 217.1sect71Aug 307.1: 22 Solution
Tue, Aug 22Test    
Wed, Aug 237.2sect72Aug 307.2: 54,64Sep 1
Fri, Aug 257.2    
Mon, Aug 2887.3sect73Sep 17.3: 44,68Sep 1
Tue, Aug 297.3    
Wed, Aug 307.4sect74 Sep 5 7.4: 40,90${}^{\star}$ Solution
Fri, Sep 19.1sect91Sep 6-- 
Mon, Sep 4Labor Day    
Tue, Sep 57.5set75Sep 87.5: 10 Solution
Wed, Sep 67.6sect76Sep 117.6:26${}^{\star}$Sep 15
Fri, Sep 87.7sect77Sep 127.7:14,42Sep 15
Mon, Sep 117.8sect78Sep 157.8:6,8,77${}^{\star}$Sep 15
Tue, Sep 12Review  Sep 22
Wed, Sep 13Review    
Thu, Sep 14Examno calculator   
Fri, Sep 158.1sect81Sep 198.1:96 Solution
Mon, Sep 188.2sect82Sep 228.2:8Sep 22
Tue, Sep 198.3    
Wed, Sep 208.3sect83Sep 278.3:22 Solution
Fri, Sep 228.4sect84Sep 298.4:34Sep 29
Mon, Sep 258.5sect85Sep 298.5:22Sep 29
Tue, Sep 268.1-8.5----
Wed, Sep 278.5
Fri, Sep 298.8sect88Oct 48.8:42 Solution
Mon, Oct 211.1sect111Oct 611.1:14,16,20 and 23,25,31 w.proofOct 6
Tue, Oct 311.1--   
Wed, Oct 411.1
Fri, Oct 6Taylorpol.secTaylorOct 13 Solution
Oct 13
Mon, Oct 9Error Term--Oct 13Sheet: 2,3,4,6,7Oct 13
Tue, Oct 10Lab 1  Lab 1Oct 23
Wed, Oct 11Review    
Thu, Oct 12Examno calculator   
Fri, Oct 1311.2sect112Oct 23 Solution
Oct 20
Mon, Oct 1611.3 (W-day!)sect113Oct 2311.3:16,20Oct 20
Tue, Oct 17Series    
Wed, Oct 1811.4sect114Oct 2311.4:2,14,16 Solution
Fri, Oct 2011.5 Oct 2511.5:2,4,8,16,18Oct 27
Mon, Oct 2311.6sect116Oct 2711.6:46Oct 27
Tue, Oct 2411.6    
Wed, Oct 2511.7sect117Oct 3011.7:34,39,41 Solution
Fri, Oct 27Taylor Ser. Nov 1SheetNov 3
Mon, Oct 30Taylor Ser. Oct 20SheetNov 3
Tue, Oct 3111.10----11.10:4,6,12 Solution
Wed, Nov 111.10----    18,22,34Nov 10
Mon, Nov 63.5/6.3sect35Nov 83.5:68,72; 6.3:2Nov 10
Tue, Nov 73.5/6.3
Wed, Nov 8Review    
Thu, Nov 9Exampart calculator   
Fri, Nov 1010.5sect105Nov 1510.5:26,30,56,58 Solution
Mon, Nov 1310.6sect106Nov 1710.6: 4,6,8,34,36Nov 17
Tue, Nov 14Lab 2  Lab 2Nov 27
Wed, Nov 1510.7sect107Nov 2710.7:10Dec 1
Fri, Nov 178.7sect87Nov 298.7:8Dec 1
Fall Break
Mon, Nov 27A.5secta5Dec 4A.5:6,24Dec 1
Tue, Nov 28Lab 4  Lab 4Dec 4
Wed, Nov 29A.5    
Fri, Dec 1A.5    
Mon, Dec 11Final1.30pm (no calculator)


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