Henry Adams


I am not teaching in Spring 2023 since my wife and I have a new baby!

I am excited to be starting a new position in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Florida. In Fall 2023 I am currently scheduled to teach Math 5316/4301, Introduction to Topology 1, though that assignment is not yet definite.

Here is my Teaching Statement.


  Together with Kelly Emmrich, Maria Gillespie, Shannon Golden, and Rachel Pries, I wrote the book Counting Rocks! An Introduction to Combinatorics (2023). This book has been used for the class Math 301, Introduction to Combinatorial Theory, at Colorado State University. [Book Webpage, Book PDF, Videos]

Video Lectures


I make publicly available notes for my classes, including for example undergraduate combinatorics [Math 301 notes] (these now have been tranformed into a [Combinatorics Textbook]), graduate linear programming [Math 510 notes], undergraduate algebra [Math 366 notes], graduate topology I [Math 570 notes], and graduate topology II [Math 571 notes].


Colorado State University

Duke University

Stanford University

California Institute of Technology