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\(e\) (number), Paragraph
acceleration, Item
antiderivative, Definition
\(u\)-substitution, Subsection
reverse exponential rule, Assemblage
reverse power rule, Assemblage
reverse trig rules, Assemblage
asymptote, Paragraph
horizontal, Paragraph
vertical, Paragraph
average rate of change, Definition
difference quotient, Definition
average value of a function, Subsection Assemblage
chain rule, Assemblage
cob-webbing, Paragraph
algorithm, Assemblage
composition, Definition Paragraph
concave down, Definition
concave up, Definition
concavity, Paragraph
continuous-time dynamical system, Item Chapter
conversion factor, Paragraph
critical number, Definition
critical point, Paragraph
critical value, Paragraph
decreasing, Paragraph
definite integral
constant multiple rule, Assemblage
definition, Subsection Definition
sum rule, Assemblage
constant function, Assemblage
constant multiple rule, Assemblage
cosine, Assemblage
definition, Definition Paragraph
exponential function, Assemblage
inverse, Assemblage
logarithm, Assemblage
power function, Assemblage
sine, Assemblage
sum rule, Assemblage
derivative function, Definition
desmos, Item
difference equation, Paragraph
differentiable, Item
differential equation, Paragraph
autonomous, Example
first-order, Example
pure-time, Example
second-order, Example
solution, Paragraph
general, Paragraph
specific, Paragraph
dimension, Paragraph
discrete-time dynamical system, Item Paragraph
competing species model, Assemblage
equilibrium point, Definition
equilibrium value, Definition
initial value, Paragraph
solution function, Example
the logistic map, Assemblage
the lung model, Assemblage
updating function, Paragraph
linear, Exercise
non-linear, Paragraph
updating function rule, Paragraph
displacement, Paragraph
dominates, Exercise
doubling time, Assemblage
DTDS. See discrete-time dynamical system
equilibrium point, Definition
equilibrium value, Definition
half-stable, Paragraph
stable, Definition
unstable, Definition
Euler’s Method, Subsection
error, Subsection
explicit function, Item
exponential equation, Paragraph
exponential function, Definition
base, Definition
doubling time, Assemblage
exponential decay, Paragraph
exponential growth, Paragraph
half life, Assemblage
extreme value, Paragraph
extreme value theorem, Assemblage
first derivative test, Paragraph Assemblage
FTC, Paragraph
composition, Definition
difference, Definition
explicit, Item
invertible, Definition
linear, Definition
power function, Example
product, Definition
quotient, Definition
recursive, Item
transformations, Paragraph
function transformations, Paragraph
function-derivative pair, Paragraph
fundamental relation, Paragraph
fundamental theorem of calculus, Section Assemblage
half life, Assemblage
increasing, Paragraph
indefinite integral, Assemblage
constant multiple rule, Assemblage
sum rule, Assemblage
indeterminate form, Example
infinity, Paragraph
inflection point, Definition
initial value problem, Paragraph
input, Paragraph
instantaneous rate of change, Paragraph
instantaneous velocity, Paragraph
integral sign, Paragraph
integrand, Paragraph
inverse function, Definition
leading behaviors, Section
at \(-\infty\), Definition
at \(\infty\), Definition
left limit, Paragraph
at infinity, Paragraph
definition, Definition
one-sided, Paragraph
limits of integration, Paragraph
linear approximation, Subsection
center, Subsection
linear equation, Paragraph
solution, Paragraph
linear function, Definition
point-slope form, Assemblage
slope-intercept form, Assemblage
local linearization. See linear approximation
logarithmic function, Definition
base, Definition
common logarithm, Assemblage
natural logarithm, Assemblage
logistic discrete-time dynamical system, Section
L’Hôpital’s rule, Assemblage Paragraph
at infinity, Assemblage
marginal value theorem, Fact
mathematical model, Assemblage
absolute, Definition
global, Definition
local, Definition
relative, Definition
absolute, Definition
global, Definition
local, Definition
relative, Definition
net signed area, Paragraph
notation, Item
oscillation, Paragraph
criteria, Assemblage
output, Paragraph
parameter, Definition
population proportion, Paragraph
power function, Example
product rule, Paragraph Assemblage
proportional, Definition
proportionality constant, Definition
quadratic approximation, Assemblage
quadratic equations, Paragraph
quotient rule, Assemblage
radians, Warm-Up
recursive function, Item
Riemann sum, Paragraph
left, Paragraph
middle, Paragraph
right, Paragraph
right limit, Paragraph
secant line, Paragraph
second derivative, Subsection Paragraph
second derivative test, Assemblage
sigma notation, Paragraph
single critical point theorem, Fact
stability theorem, Assemblage
surge functions, Exercise
tangent line, Paragraph
equation, Subsection
tangent line approximation. See linear approximation
total change theorem, Subsection Assemblage
trigonometric functions, Subsection
amplitude, Subsection
average, Subsection
cosine, Subsection
period, Subsection
phase shift, Subsection
sine, Subsection
tangent, Subsection
unit, Paragraph
unit circle, Paragraph
variable, Definition
dependent, Paragraph
independent, Paragraph
vertical line test, Item
weighted average, Definition