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Acknowledgements Acknowledgements

The general style of this text was motivated by the Active Calculus 2  suite by Dr. Matthew Boelkins and contributing authors. Considerable content from Active Calculus - Single Variable 3  was used and modified for the purposes of serving life science majors. Chapter 1, section 3.2, section 3.3, section 3.7, and section 4.1 were created by the current author. All other sections contain content which originated from Active Calculus - Single Variable, and was modified to fit the needs of this text. I am grateful to all of the contributors of the Active Calculus suite for allowing me to use the fantastic resources that have been developed through years of hard work.
The current .html version of the text is possible only because of the amazing work of Rob Beezer and his development of the original Mathbook XML, now known as PreTeXt 4 .
Finally, I am grateful to the many graduate students, instructors, and students that I have worked with in teaching the course for which this text was developed. The examples, exercises, and overall content layout is better because of their collective engagement and feedback with the material.
I welcome user feedback 5  to correct errors and collect suggestions for improvements.
This text was created with grant support from Colorado State University Libraries and the Colorado Department of Higher Education.