Special sessions are being organized around the following themes:

Organized by Bryan Shader, University of Wyoming (Geometry)
and Michael Ferrara, University of Colorado, Denver (Graph Theory)
Contributed Papers
Organized by Kyle Riley, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology
Graduate Student Research
Organized by Hortensia Soto Johnson, University of Northern Colorado, and Jeremy Muskat, Western State College
Mathematics Education Research
Organized by Robert Powers, University of Northern Colorado
Undergraduate Research
Organized by Jonathan Poritz, Colorado State University, Pueblo
Undergraduate Poster Session
Organized by Carl Lienert, For Lewis.
Poincaré’s Other Conjecture: The History of Mathematics and What It Can Teach Us
Organized by Janet Barnett (Colorado State University - Pueblo) & George Heine (Bureau of Land Management)
At the Fourth International Congress of Mathematicians in Rome in 1908, Poincaré opened his talk “The Future of Mathematics” by declaring: “If we wish to foresee the future of mathematics, our proper course is to study the history and present condition of the science.” This session invites speakers to respond to Poincaré’s call by sharing interesting tales from the history of our science, as well as historical accounts of how specific mathematical topics came into their present condition. Talks which suggest ways in which the history of mathematics can be used to enrich the teaching of mathematics for today’s students and future mathematicians are especially encouraged.
Pure and Applied Mathematics Research
Organized by Daniel Bates, Colorado State University

Talks can be submitted on the Talk submission web page. Requests submitted after April 1 might not be considered.