Information for Presenters

Talks will be 20 minutes (including questions). A schedule of talks will be posted in early April.

All talks will take place in rooms of the Lory Student Center on the CSU Campus. Rooms are equipped with a data projector (VGA plug -- bring your own laptop) and overhead projector. In general, rooms do not have a, or just a tiny, whiteboard. We cannot guarantee internet access, if you want to show online resources, please have these prepared in an offline format. (The only general internet access is via public web terminals, these terminals do not allow downloading of files and have no ssh/telnet/ftp/scp functionality.)

The following pictures show the rooms (modulo seating arrangement, which will be lecture seating without tables in all cases) in which all lectures will take place.

Typical room
screen covers whiteboard
Room with small whiteboard The large lecture room (North Ballroom)
Very good Data Projector and Screen (hidden in photo) but no board

More information will be posted in time.