This is a tentative schedule that may still be subject to minor changes.


8:00-12:00 Section NeXT workshop (Lory Virginia Dale)
9:30-11:30 Workshop: Proposal writing for the NSF DUE (Lory 217)
Stephanie Fitchett, NSF and University of Northern Colorado
11:45-12:45 Luncheon for Dept. Chairs and MAA Liaisons (Lory 230)
11:00-4:30 Registration (Lory 227)
1:00-1:10 Opening Remarks and Welcome (North Ballroom)
1:10-1:55 Burton W. Jones Teaching Award Lecture (North Ballroom)
Richard Grassl, University of Northern Colorado
1:00-5:30 Publisher Exhibits, and MAA Book Sales (Cherokee Park)
2:10-4:35 Parallel Sessions-Contributed Papers & Special Sessions

Parallel Sessions-Contributed Papers & Special Sessions

Friday Time Combinatorics
Lory 228
Contributed Papers
Lory 224/6
Education Research
Lory 230
History of Mathematics
N. Ballroom
Undergraduate Research
Lory 210
Pure and Applied
Lory 211E
2:10 -2:30 Colin Garnett (UWyoming)
Spectrally Arbitrary Companion-like Matrices
Darel Hardy (CSU)
Some Average Calculus Problems
Kristin King (UNC)
Learning in Introductory Statistics
Ginger Anderson (Pikes Peak CC)
Alice in Matrixland
Eric Kuss (Fort Lewis)
(mod c)
Travis Kowalski (SDSMT)
Taylor series solutions to ODEs
2:35 -2:55 Reshmi Nair (UWyoming)
Eigenvalues of acyclic matrices
Julie Barnes (USAFA)
Hosting Math Treasure Hunts
Alexandre Probst (CCU/CSM)
Assessing student improvement in statistics
Bill Briggs (UC Denver)
Evolution of Calculus Art
Adam Ruff (UC Denver)
Analyzing Advice Networks of Math and Science Teachers
Benjamin Dyhr (Metro State)
Self-Avoiding Random Walk on the Strip
3:00 -3:20 Rodney James (CSU)
Sandpiles on edge-weighted graphs
Michelle Ghrist (USAFA)
Experiences with High School Mathematics Competitions
David Glassmeyer (UNC)
Assessment within Online Graduate Courses
Melody Dodd (SDSMT)
Methods for Orbit Determination
Sara Linville (Fort Lewis)
Möbius Transformations of Geometric Constructions
Ivan Raykov (CSU -Pueblo)
Approximation of Effective Diagonalization Strategies
3:25 -3:45 Yang Zhang (CSU)
Continuum Limits of Markov Chains and Network Modeling
Louis Talman (Metro State)
Mathematics on the Web
Curtis Card (Black Hills State)
Pass Rates in Developmental Math Classes
Invited Presentation
N. Ballroom
Dan Jones (CSU – Atmos.Sci.)
Controlling the Chaotic Lorenz System
Daniel Swenson (Black Hills State)
The Steinberg Complex of an Arbitrary Finite Group
3:50 -4:10 Mary Allison (UWyoming)
Markov Chain Problem for the Union of Two Cliques
Erich McAlister (Fort Lewis)
Further Geometry of Derivatives of Complex Functions
Gary Olson (UC Denver)
College Mentoring for Pre-Service Teachers
Wade Ellis (West Valley CC)
Effective Learning with Software Tools
Mark Pengitore (SDSMT)
Automorphisms of real submainfolds in C2
Kristin King (UNC)
Mathematical Modeling in an Ecology Laboratory
4:15 -4:35 Cara Wiblemo (UWyoming)
Automorphism Decompositions of Graphs
Jonathan Poritz (CSU -Pueblo)
On entropy-preserving stochastic averages
Zim Olson (Zim Mathematics)
Systems and/or Sub Systems
Wade Ellis (West Valley CC)
Effective Learning with Software Tools
Millie Mays (USAFA)
Game Show Statistics
Tianyu Zhang (Montana State)
Phase model of biofilm

indicates a graduate student,an undergraduate student. Please provide support for our next generation of mathematicians.


3:50-4:35 Effective Learning with Software Tools (N.Ballroom)
Wade Ellis, West Valley Community College
4:35-5:00 Coffee Break (University Club)
5:00-6:00 Education Address (North Ballroom)
Calculus as a High School Course
David Bressoud, Macalaster College
6:30-7:00 Cash Bar (Fort Collins Hilton, Prospect Road)
7:00-10:00 Banquet and Awards Ceremony (Fort Collins Hilton)
Banquet Address: 2010 Pólya Lecture (Fort Collins Hilton)
Codes on graphs: Shannon’s challenge and beyond
Judy Walker, University of Nebraska, Lincoln
2009/10 MAA Pólya Lecturer


8:00-11:30 Registration (Lory 227)
8:00-8:50 Rocky Mountain Section Business Meeting (N.Ballroom)
9:00-9:50 Saturday Keynote Address (North Ballroom)
Proofs and Confirmations: The Story of the Alternating Sign Matrix Conjecture
David Bressoud, Macalaster College
9:30-1:00 Publisher exhibits and MAA Book Sales (Cherokee Park)
9:50-10:10 Coffee Break (University Club)
10:10-1:00 Parallel Sessions -Contributed Papers & Special Sessions

Parallel Sessions-Contributed Papers & Special Sessions

Saturday Time Combinatorics
Lory 228
Graph Theory
Lory 226
History of Mathematics
Lory 224
Education Research
N. Ballroom
Graduate Research
Lory 210
Undergraduate Research
Lory 230
Pure and Applied
Lory 211E
10:10 -10:30 Stanley Payne (UC Denver)
Finite Self-Dual Generalized Quadrangles
Michael Ferrara (UC Denver)
Saturation Numbers for Families of Ramsey-minimal Graphs
George Heine (BLM)
The Stereographic Projection is Conformal
Scott Evans (Math Tutor)
What if Mathematics is a Psychomotor Skill?
Ramin Zahedi (CSU)
A lexicographic maxmin design for detecting sparse signals
Andreea Erciulescu (CSU)
Solving Kakuro Puzzles
Anton Dzhamay (UNC)
Geometric Configurations Related to Matrix Factorizations
10:35 -10:55 Cayla McBee (CSU)
Nucleotide Substitution Models and Hadamard Conjugation
Samantha Graffeo (UC Denver)
Quasi-Sum Graphs
Janet Barnett (CSU - Pueblo)
Abstract Awakenings in Algebra
Brian Lindaman (Montana State)
Students’ Conceptions of Repeating Decimals
Jeffrey Larson (UC Denver)
Applications and Algorithms for Derivative-Free Optimization
Rebecca Rasweiler-Richter (USAFA)
Mathematics in Molecular Biology
R.M. Green (UC Boulder)
Polytopal subcomplexes
11:00 -11:20 Patrick Fleming (SDSMT)
Finite Semifields and Nonsingular Arrays
Timothy Morris (UC Denver)
Anti-Directed Hamilton Cycles
Patrick Shipman (CSU) The Cantor Set and the Analytical Theory of Heat Rebecca Dibbs (UNC)
The perceived utility of precision teaching calculus
Yang Zou (CSU)
Spatial- Temporal Chaos
Eric Robinson (USAFA)
Dividing Products of Differences
Iuliana Oprea (CSU)
A temporal route to spatio- temporal chaos
11:25 -11:45 Eric Nelson (CSU)
BLT-sets and Twisted Cubics
Breeann Tonnsen (UC Denver)
P-interval K-trees
Contributed Papers
Lory 224
Mary E. Pilgrim (CSU)
Intervention in Calculus I
Jennifer Maple (CSU)
Steady State Mode Interaction in Anisotropic Systems
Jacob Belka (USAFA)
Optimizing GPS using mathematical programing
Ryan Croke (CSU)
Solutions for 2+1 Soliton Equations
11:50 -12:10 William Cherowitzo (UC Denver)
15 Schoolgirls Take a Walk in Space
Craig Tennenhouse (UC Denver)
Subdivided Cycles and Graph Saturation
Rick Kreminski (CSU -Pueblo)
Etudes for calculus and complex variables
Alexander Hulpke (CSU)
Using Video solutions in Calculus
Chris Smith (UCCS)
Matrix types of Leavitt path algebras
Michael O’Connor (USAFA)
FalconSAT-5 Operational Testing
12:15 -12:35 Timothy Vis (UC Denver)
Fifteen schoolgirls and Forty-two Ovoids
Michael Barrus (Black Hills State)
Degree Sequences, Vertex Substitutions
Stefan Erickson (Colorado College)
Zeta Functions of Graphs and Hypergraphs
Joe Champion (UNC)
Affecting the Self-Efficacy of Students
Joseph Newhall (UC)
Convex Cones and Vector Efficiency
Daniel van der Vieren (Regis)
The Rubik’s Cube: A Trans-Composite Cipher
Christine Kistler (USAFA)
Chaotic Behavior of Newton's Method
12:40 -13:00 Kenneth M Monks (CSU)
Möbius Numbers of Finite Groups
Shilpa Dasgupta (UC Denver)
Interval Bigraphs with containment restriction
    Niles Armstrong (BHSU)
Pontryagin's Minimum Principle

indicates a graduate student,an undergraduate student. Please provide support for our next generation of mathematicians.


9:00-4:00 Workshop: Inspiring Your PreCalculus and Calculus Classroom: A TI Nspire Workshop (NESB B322, Registration required)
12:00-4:00 Section NeXT workshop (Lory Virginia Dale)