M317  Advanced Calculus        

Classroom = EE 104  (MTWF @2)

Dr. Paul C DuChateau
129 Weber Building
(970) 491-6565


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M317 is an introductory course in real analysis where we reexamine the fundamentals of calculus in a more rigorous way than is customary in the beginning calculus courses and develop those theorems that will be needed to continue in more advanced courses. At the same time, we try to illustrate how proofs are constructed so that by the end of M317 the students should be able to read and write correct proofs for simple mathematical statements.


We will cover the following topics:


            An axiomatic development of the real numbers

            Sequences and series





The grade in the course is based on :


            Assigned problems              35%

            In Class exams                         35%

            Final exam                               30%



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Assigned Problem Sets

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Problems for Chapter 1

Solutions for Chapter 1

Problems for Chapter 2

Solutions for Chapter 2

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Solutions for Chapter 3

Problems for Chapter 4

Solutions for Chapter 4

Problems for Chapter 5

Solutions for Chapter 5





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Chapter 1

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Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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