Rocky Mountain Workshop on

Invited Lectures, Contributed Lectures, and  Posters

Invited Lectures

D. Armbruster, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ: Localized Structures in Parametrically Forced Systems
E. Bodenschatz, Cornell University, NY:  Experiments in Thermal Convection and Spatiotemporal Chaos
M. Golubitsky, University of Houston, TX: Symmetries, Pattern Formation, and Geometric Visual Hallucinations
G. Gunaratne, University of Houston, TX:  Characterization of Complex Patterns and their Applications
J. Lega, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ:  Phase Diffusion and Weak Turbulence
E. Knobloch, University of Leeds, UK:  Bursts and Intermittency in Fluid Mechanics
I. Melbourne, University of Surrey, UK: Mathematical Foundations of Ginzburg Landau Theory
M. Proctor, DAMTP Cambridge, UK: Instabilities of small aspect ratio convection in
the presence of strong magnetic fields or rotation
H. Riecke, Northwestern University, IL:  Complex Patterns in Rotating Systems 
M. Silber, Northwestern University, IL:  Bifurcation with Symmetry and Superlattices
Contributed Lectures
M. Alber, University  of  Notre Dame  A multiscale model for simulation of morphogenesis 
E. Allgower,  K. Georg, Colorado State University  Matrix-free numerical continuation and bifurcation 
J. Dawes, C. Postlethwaite, M. Proctor, University of Cambridge,  UK  Instabilities induced by a weak breaking of a strong spatial resonance 
J. Gleeson, Kent State University  Linear and nonlinear Nusselt number measurements during electroconvection of a liquid crystal 
Z. Huang, J. Vinals, Florida State University  Grain boundary motion in lamellar phases under oscillatory shear 
B. Ilan*, G. Fibisch, *University of Colorado at Boulder  Polarization effects in self-focusing and in multiple filamentation
K. Julien ,University of Colorado, Boulder  Stably-stratified and unstably-stratified quasigeostrophic flows 
R. Krechetnikov, S. Paolucci, University of California, Santa Barbara  Center-unstable manifolds for PDEs on infinite strips 
Jie Li,  I. Aronson, W. Kowk, Argonne National Laboratory  Bifurcation of periodic and disordered patterns in oscillating gas-fluidized granular systems 
P. Matthews,  University of Nottingham, UK  Pattern formation on a sphere 
Z. Musslimani, M. Ablowitz, University of Colorado, Boulder  Wave propagation in nonlinear periodic media 
M. Paul, M. Cross, California Institute of Technology  New Insights from Simulations of Rayleigh -Benard Convection 
J. Porter, University of Leeds, UK  Dynamics in the 1:2 steady state mode interaction with broken O(2) symmetry 
A. Rucklidge, University of Leeds, UK  Convergence properties of the 8, 10 and 12 mode  representations of quasipatterns 
S. Ruediger*, J. M. Vega, J. Vinals, *Florida State University  Mean flow corrections of secondary instabilities of Faraday waves 
M. V. Sapozhnikov, Y.V. Tolmachev, I. S. Aronson, W.  Kwok, Argonne National  Laboratory  Dynamic self-assembly of microparticles  electrostatically driven in a poorly conducting liquid 
C. Schober , University of Central Florida  Homoclinic chaos increases the  likelihood of rogue wave formation 
M. Stich, Fritz Haber Institut, Germany  Self organized pacemakers near the onset of birhytmicity 
R. Sturman, University of Leeds, UK  Loss of stability of cycling chaos 
R. Tagg, University of Colorado, Denver  Ray chaos: or why Hamiltonian dynamics might be relevant to probing pattern formation in dissipative systems 
S. Tavener , K. A. Cliffe, Colorado State University and SERCO, UK  The effect of cylinder rotation on vortex shedding 
E. Tian ,Wright State University  Homoclinic structure of Zakharov Equations 
T. Toth-Katona, J. Gleeson, Kent State University  Injected power fluctuations in electroconvection 
C. Voeltz, E. Bodenschatz, Cornell University  How do cells polarize? 
P. Weidman, University of Colorado  Nonlinear Oscillations in a Capped Liquid-Air Column
I. Alolyan, G. Allgower, G. Dangelmayr, I. Oprea, Colorado State University  Global minimization of Hopf surfaces, with application to electroconvection in nematic liquid crystals 
J. Beck , Northwestern University  Complex dynamics in a simple model of solid flame microstructure 
N. Brown, J. A. Ramírez, E. E. Wohl, Colorado State University  Cellular Automata Models of Particle Interactions in Sediment Entrainment
N. Burrell , K. Julien, J. Weiss, University of Colorado, Boulder  Dynamics of a quasigeostrophic ellipsoidal vortex moment model 
A. Fox, M. Kirby, M. Montgomery, J. Persing, Colorado State University  A comparison of the Karhunen-Loeve (KL) and Maximum Noise Fraction (MNF) Algorithms on axis-symmetric hurricane model data 
S. Houghton, University of Cambridge, UK  Localised solutions in magnetoconvection 
T.-C. Jo,  Arizona State University  Dynamics of internal solitary waves 
C. Kamaga , M. Dennin, University of California, Irvine  Kinetics of dislocation driven coarsening at large quench depth 
B. Kazmierczak*,  K. Piechor, *University of Notre Dame and Polish Academy of Sciences Heteroclinic solutions for a model of skin morphogenesis
P. Mullowney, K. Julien, J. Meiss, University of Colorado, Boulder  Blinking rolls: chaotic advection in a 3D flow with an invariant 
G. Nathan, G. Gunaratne, University of Houston A New Way of Characterizing Surface Roughness
I. Oprea, G. Dangelmayr, Colorado State University,  Wave patterns in electroconvection of nematic liquid crystals: a Ginzburg Landau approach 
C. Postlethwaite,  University of Cambridge, UK  Heteroclinic networks in rotating convection 
J.D. Scheel, M.R. Paul and M.C. Cross,  California Institute of Technology  Traveling waves in rotating Rayleigh-Benard convection: analysis of modes and mean flow 
G. Stan, S. Field, Colorado State University  A superconducting  dripping faucet 
P. Shipman ,University of Arizona  Phyllotaxis via shell buckling
A. Yokelis*, A. Hagberg, C. Elphick,  E. Meron, A. L. Linn, H. Swinney, *Ben Gurion University, Israel  Resonant standing-wave patterns in forced oscillations: mechanisms and forms