Area: Algorithmic algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics, in particular group theory. Computer Algebra/Symbolic Computation. Concrete implementations.
I'm one of the principal authors of the computer algebra system GAP.
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For more details, see the web page on Computational Group Theory at CSU.

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3D printing and Mathematics
Combinatorics Seminar, Fort Collins, February 2015
Using Computational Group Theory
Modern Trends in Algebraic Graph Theory, Villanova, PA, June 2014
Finding Subgroups
Computational Universal Algebra, Louisville, October 2013
Computing with Finite Matrix Groups
Groups St Andrews 2013
Permutation Group Algorithms
LMS/EPSRC Short Course Computational Group Theory, St Andrews, July 2013
Calculation of Subgroups of a Trivial-Fitting Group
ISSAC, Boston, June 2013
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