MATH360, Mathematics of Information Security

11MWF, E203
Alexander Hulpke

This page contains material for my MATH360 course, Fall '13.


These are pdf files of my slides, handouts as well as my outline.




Homework 1 (due Sep 4) Solution Notes
Homework 2 (due Sep 11) Solution Notes Cryptograms for Problem 11 Solutions for Problem 11
Homework 3 (due Sep 20) Solution Notes Cryptograms for problem 16 Solutions for Problem 16
Homework 4 (due Sep 25)Solution Notes Cryptograms for problem 17. Solutions for Problem 17
Homework 5 (due Oct 2) Solution Notes
There is no homework due October 9
Homework 6 (due Oct 16) Solution Notes
Homework 7 (due Oct 23) Solution Notes
Homework 8 (due Oct 30) Solution Notes (for problems not worked in class)
Homework 9 (due Nov 6) Solution Notes
There is no homework due November 13 (not because of superstition but because of the Nov. 8 midterm)
Homework 10 (due Nov 20) Solution Notes for problems not done in class.
Homework 11 (due Dec 4)
Homework 12 (due Dec 11) Solution Problem 68


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