Pattern Analysis News

November 2015 -- DARPA THOR contract:  THUNDER: Tolerant Hosts Using Novel Drug Enhanced Resilience, sponsored through University of Washington.

November 2015 -- STTR contract Compressive Sensing Flash IR 3D Imager, sponsor Physical Sciences Inc.

July 2015 -- DARPA Award: Communication through Gestures, Expression and Shared Perception.  We are playing a supporint role for the Computer Scientists on this one.

June 2015 -- Ph.D. Sofya Chepushtanova, Algorithms for feature selection and pattern recognition on Grassmann manifolds, 6/2015.

January 2015 -- NSF award  "RAPID: Early Warning Algorithms for Predicting Ebola Infection Outcomes".

November 2014 -- Ph.D. candidate Anthony Schwickerath successfully defends Ph.D. dissertation travels to Heidelberg,  Germany to present the poster "Topics in Geometric and Topological Data Analysis" at the second annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

September 2014 -- Ph.D. candidate Tegan Emerson travels to Heidelberg,  Germany to present the poster "Topics in Geometric and Topological Data Analysis" at the second annual Heidelberg Laureate Forum.

September 2014 -- Ph.D. candidate Tim Marrinan goes on the road and presents talks at Northwest Pacific Labs and Whitman College entitled  "Pattern recognition via linear subspaces and the flag mean" and "The Flag Mean: An average representation for subspaces of different dimensions".

August 2014 -- Funding: LWIR Compressive Sensing Hyperspectral Imager, sponsor Physical Sciences, Inc. (DOE Phase I)

July 2014 -- Silvia Osnaga defends Ph.D. dissertation "Low Rank Representations of Matrices using Nuclear Norm Heuristics"

May 2014 -- Sofya Chepustanova travelled to the SPIE meeting in Baltimore to present her poster entitled “Band Selection in Hyperspectral Imagery Using Sparse Support Vector Machines”.

May 2014 -- Anthony Schwickerath passed his Ph.D. preliminary exam based on his presentation "Schubert Varieties and their relation to Linear Models, the Grassmann Manifold, and Signal Detection"

March 2014 -- We had several PAL students travel to Boulder to present at the Algorithms for Threat Detection Program Review.  Sofya Chepustanova presented the talk “Exploring Uses of Persistent Homology for Hyperspectral Remote Sensing”, Anthony Schwickerath talked on "Linear Models, the Grassmann Manifold, and Signal Detection", Tim Marrinan presented "Chemical Signature Detection Using Flag Representations in Hyperspectral Images".  Last, but certainly not least, Tegan Emerson presented her poster entitled

March 2014 -- Sofya Chepustanova attended the Conference on Data Analysis (CoDA) 2014, Santa Fe, NM and presented her poster “An Application of Persistent Homology on Grassmann Manifolds to the Detection of Signals in Hyperspectral Imagery”

February 2014 -- Sofya Chepustanova traveled to Argonne National Laboratory and gave the talk “Data Analysis Methods and Applications: Hyperspectral Band Selection and Data Classification on Embedded Grassmannians”

January 2014 -- Sofya presented at the Joint Mathematics Meetings, Baltimore, MD the Oral Presentation “Pattern Classification by Ellipsoidal Machines Using Semidefinite Programming”

October 2013 -- Funding: Compressed Sensing for Wide Area Chemical and Biological Early Warning, sponsor Physical Sciences, Inc. (DOD Army Phase I, STTR)

September 2013 -- Sofya presented at the IMA Hot Topics Workshop on Imaging in Geospatial Applications, Minneapolis, MN
Poster “Sparse SVMs for Hyperspectral Band Selection”

August 2013 -- Lori Ziegelmeier begins position at Macalaster College.

August 2013 -- Funding: ATD: Detection and Classification of Threats Using Subspace Manifold Geometry, National Science Foundation.

July 2013 -- Tim Marinnan defends MS Thesis "The Flag of Best Fit as a Representative for a Collection of Subspaces"

June 2013 -- Tegan Emerson defends MS Thesis "Automated Detection of Circulating Cells Using Low Level Features"

May 2013 -- Lori Ziegelmeier defends Ph.D. dissertation "Exploiting Geometry, Topology and Optimization for Knowledge Discovery in Big Data"

April 2013 --  Nicholas Rohrbacker takes position as the Manager of Data Modeling and Analytics job for Sierra Trading Post

December 2012 -- David Hopkins defends MS Thesis "A Computer Vision Approach to the Classification of Circulating Tumor Cells"

November 2012 -- Robert Arn defends MS Thesis "Object and Action Detection Methods Using MOSSE Filters"

October 2012 -- Nicholas Rohrbacker defends Ph.D. dissertation "Sparse multivariate analyses via l_1-regularized optimization problems solved with Bregman iterative techniques"

September 2012 -- Justin Marks begins position at Air Force Institute of Technology

August 2012 --  Justin Marks defends Ph.D. dissertation "Mean Variants on Matrix Manifolds"

September 2012 -- Funding: CDS&E-MSS: Algebraic and Geometric Tools and Algorithms for the Analysis of Data Clouds and Large Data Arrays, NSF

August 2012 -- Funding: Algorithms on Flag Manifolds for Knowledge Discovery in N-way data arrays, DOD-USAF-Air Force

June 2012 -- Drew Schwickerath defends MS Thesis "Anomaly Detection in Terrestrial Hyperspectral Video Using Variants of the RX Algorithm"

August 2012 -- Funding: Mathematics, Physics and Biology -- A Multidisciplinary Approach to Modeling Infectious Disease, Infectious Disease Supercluster,  Colorado State University

October 2011 -- Funding: Prediction and Control of Sepsis,  Yale University

October 2011 -- Funding: ATD: Geometric and Statistical Data Analysis on Special Manifolds for Threat Detection}, National Science Foundation DMS-1120875 10/01/2011-09/30/2012.

June 2010 -- Visual Intelligence through Latent Geometry and Selective Guidance}, Defense Advance Research Projects Agency  6/23/2010-6/22/2015.

August 2010 -- ATD: Mathematical Algorithms for Characterizing Spectral Signatures}, National Science Foundation, supplemental award, award date 09/22/10.

November 2009 -- MS Thesis Defense, Lori Ziegelmeier, A Colorful World: Techniques for Quantizing Color Space in Natural Imagery

October 2009 -- Tesla S1070 GPU computer with host 48GB RAM device 16 GB RAM.

September 2009 -- NSF Awards grant for developing mathematical algorithms for Automatic Threat Detection.  Michael Kirby PI.

August 2009 -- NSF Awards grant entitled "Reality, Exactness, and Computation in Numerical Algebraic Geometry", Dan Bates PI.

July 2009 -- IR Canon 10 D begins collecting data.

July 2009 -- New server with 32 core and 128GB ram added to cluster.

June 2009 -- NSF Awards grant Algebraic Geometry of Tensors, Chris Peterson PI.

May 2009 -- Natalia Cordova defends M.S.

January 2009 -- Justin Marks defends M.S.

September 2008 -- High speed camera experiments generate over 500,000 images in 6 seconds.   Effectively dt -> 0 and we may perform calculus on image sequences.

September 2008 -- Undergraduate Mathematics, Computer Science double major Kyle Kelly wins Bob Gaines Undergraduate Research Fellowship to work with PAL.
September 2008 -- PAL appoints Josh Thompson as DCI Postdoctoral Fellow.

August 2008 -- PAL acquires high fidelity digital recorded capable of acquiring stereo data at 94,000 Hz.  Experiments proposed for "hearing the inaudible".

July 2008 -- PAL acquired the CANON 40D capable of capturing 6 images per second at 10 mega-pixels.

July 2008 -- Directorate for Central Intelligence awards Postdoctoral Fellowship to PAL.

July 2008 --  Ph.D. defense, Arta Jamshidi, Modeling Spatio-Temporal Systems with Skew Radial Basis Functions: Theory, Algorithms and Applications

July 2008 -- PAL student Arta Jamshidi earns postdoctoral appointment at Imperial College London.

May 2008 -- PAL illumination face  data base reaches 100 subjects and over 500,000 images.

May 2008 -- Ph.D. defense, Jen-Mei Chang, Classification on Grassmannians

April 2008 -- AFOSR Awards grant, Classification of Data Bundles via Parameter Spaces

March 2008 -- PAL graduate student Jen-Mei Chang accepts tenure track position at Cal State Long Beach.

December 2007 -- Ph.D. defense, Yue Qiao, Radial Basis Functions (RBFs) For Solving Color Conversion Problems.

July 2007 -- Ph.D. defense, Fatemeh Emdad, Signal Fraction Analysis for Subspace processing of high dimensional data.

June 2007 -- PAL acquires HD-dvr camera capable of capturing raw HD images at 24 frames per second.

May, 2007 -- CSU Dean of Natural Sciences awards grant to purchase a high memory node for the lab's cluster.  This will bring the total number of processors to 42 and the total main memory to 156GB.  With over 5 terabytes of disk space this cluster is well equipped to push the frontiers in pattern analysis research.

April 2007 -- The National Science Foundation award to investigate transport, mixing and intensity of hurricanes and the importance of geometric structure in data moved to the NAVY-DOD.

March, 2007 -- The Pattern Analysis Lab co-organized a workshop on frontiers in high dimensional data sets.  Over 20 top researchers from across the USA and Europe participated.