KATRINA: Thae PAL High Performance Computing Cluster

This 64 bit cluster is comprised many nodes and over 300 cpu core.  The larger servers have 64 core and 1/2 terabyte of RAM.  Daytona has a Tesla K80 with 4996 gpu core rated at 7 teraflops.  Blaster has a 1 teraflop S1070 board with 4GPUs and 960 cores. This cluster may be reached remotely using x2go, nomachine or via a terminal in the Pattern Analysis Lab.

Pattern Analysis Laboratory: FACILITIES
       Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University
Data Collection and Processing

Researchers at the Pattern Analysis Laboratory are actively collecting massive data sets for the purposes of algorithm development.  A face data base has been collected consisting of approximately 800,000 images at HD resolution with variations in illumination.  High spatial and temporal resolution imagery is also being collected.
Phantom Vision High SPeed Camera 4.2

Resolution: 512 x 512 pixels
Speed: 2,100 full-resolution pictures-per-second (pps)
Max windowed speed: 90,000 pps

Laboratory Facilities

The Pattern Analysis Lab is located in Weber 007.  The cluster computing facilities are located next door in Weber 008.  The Lab possesses a number of data acquisition devices  for integrating teaching and research.