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Gruppenfoto CDA
Members of the group Computational Data Analysis following Rafael Reisenhofer's doctoral defense. From-left-to-right: Rafael Reisenhofer, Emily J. King, Katie Lorenz, and Sören Schulze.


Dr. Emily J. King Weber 111
(970) 491-6440


Currently none.

Doctoral Student(s)

Sören Schulze MZH, Raum 2330
University of Bremen
+49 (0) 421-218-59896
Harley Meade Weber 018
Colorado State University
(970) 491-7926
Lander ver Hoef (co-advised with Henry Adams) Weber 018
Colorado State University
(970) 491-7926

MS Student(s)

Currently none.

BS Student(s)

Currently none.


Lennart Abels M.S. successfully defended February 2020. Thesis title: “Randomized Image Decomposition and Reconstruction – RIDeR”
Julian Gebken Bachelor's thesis successfully submitted October 2019. Thesis title: “Nutzung verallgemeinerter Singulärwerte zur Untersuchung künstlicher neuronaler Netze”
Rafael Reisenhofer Dr. rer. nat. successfully defended September 2018. Thesis title: “Image Analysis via Applied Harmonic Analysis: Perceptual Image Quality Assessment, Visual Servoing, and Feature Detection”
Laura Breitkopf Bachelor's thesis successfully submitted September 2018. Thesis title: “Tangent and Curvature Estimation of \(2D\) Point Clouds”
Frederieke Miesner Dr. rer. nat. successfully defended July 2018. Thesis title: “Advanced Inverse Modeling of Sediment Thermal Diffusion Processes: Reconstructing Temporal Variant Boundary Conditions for the One-Dimensional Heat Equation” (Original advisor Armin Lechleiter.)
Sören Dittmer M.S. successfully defended September 2017. Thesis title: “Mathematical Analysis of Information Loss and Errors in Neural Networks”
Xiaoxian Tang Postdoc December 2015 - November 2016.
Sören Schulze M.S. successfully defended October 2016. Thesis title: “Spectogram-based Musical Instrument Separation via Pitch-invariant Dictionaries”
Alina Stürck M.S. successfully defended March 2015. Thesis title: “Shearlet-Based Image Inpainting”

And a very special thanks to Katie Lorenz, who did a fantastic job as the secretary to the group Computational Data Analysis at the University of Bremen, 2014-2019.