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Gruppenfoto CDA
Members of the group Computational Data Analysis following Rafael Reisenhofer's doctoral defense. From-left-to-right: Rafael Reisenhofer, Emily J. King, Katie Lorenz, and Sören Schulze.


Dr. Emily J. King Weber 206B

Doctoral Student(s)

Ian Jorquera Weber 233
Colorado State University
Harley Meade Weber 018
Colorado State University
Kristina Moen Weber 234
Colorado State University
Kylie Schnoor Weber 018
Colorado State University


Lander ver Hoef Ph.D. successfully defended February 2023. Thesis title: “Using Mathematical Techniques to Leverage Domain Knowledge in Image Analysis for Earth Science” Co-advisor: Henry Adams.
Sören Schulze Dr.-Ing. successfully defended February 2022. Thesis title: “Blind Source Separation in Single-Channel Polyphonic Music Recordings”
Lennart Abels M.S. successfully defended February 2020. Thesis title: “Randomized Image Decomposition and Reconstruction – RIDeR”
Julian Gebken Bachelor's thesis successfully submitted October 2019. Thesis title: “Nutzung verallgemeinerter Singulärwerte zur Untersuchung künstlicher neuronaler Netze”
Rafael Reisenhofer Dr. rer. nat. successfully defended September 2018. Thesis title: “Image Analysis via Applied Harmonic Analysis: Perceptual Image Quality Assessment, Visual Servoing, and Feature Detection”
Laura Breitkopf Bachelor's thesis successfully submitted September 2018. Thesis title: “Tangent and Curvature Estimation of \(2D\) Point Clouds”
Frederieke Miesner Dr. rer. nat. successfully defended July 2018. Thesis title: “Advanced Inverse Modeling of Sediment Thermal Diffusion Processes: Reconstructing Temporal Variant Boundary Conditions for the One-Dimensional Heat Equation” (Original advisor Armin Lechleiter.)
Sören Dittmer M.S. successfully defended September 2017. Thesis title: “Mathematical Analysis of Information Loss and Errors in Neural Networks”
Xiaoxian Tang Postdoc December 2015 - November 2016.
Sören Schulze M.S. successfully defended October 2016. Thesis title: “Spectogram-based Musical Instrument Separation via Pitch-invariant Dictionaries”
Alina Stürck M.S. successfully defended March 2015. Thesis title: “Shearlet-Based Image Inpainting”

And a very special thanks to Katie Lorenz, who did a fantastic job as the secretary to the group Computational Data Analysis at the University of Bremen, 2014-2019.