Codes and Expansions (CodEx) Seminar

Travis Russell (Dartmouth College)
Quantum correlations via Operator Systems

In this talk, we will consider a class of discrete multiplayer games called nonsignalling games. These are cooperative games where players are independently assigned questions and must provide answers without knowledge of what questions were asked of their teammates. The statistics arising from certain quantum mechanical strategies to nonlocal games are called "quantum correlations". Tsirelson's problem, an important open question about quantum correlations, was recently solved, building on the work of many physicists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. Nevertheless, interest in understanding Tsirelson's problem in greater detail remains. In this talk, I will explore a novel approach to Tsirelson's problem based on the theory of finite dimensional operator systems. Time permitting, I will discuss applications of this approach to other problems in quantum information theory, including Zauner's conjecture.