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19-22 May 2003,
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

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 Collected Lectures volume on "Dynamics and Bifurcation of Patterns in Dissipative Systems"
to appear in World Scientific Series on Nonlinear Sciences, Series B, World Scientific Publisher, 2004

Math Awareness Lecture,  21 May 2003

Martin Golubitsky
Department of Mathematics, University of Houston

Recent experimental results have demonstrated a variety of new patterns  that can be observed in macroscopic systems far from equilibrium. Understanding these patterns is a major challenge for theoretical research. The workshop will stimulate the interaction between different experts, young researchers and advanced graduate students in identifying key ideas, new advances and open  questions in the mathematical analysis of spatiotemporal patterns in dissipative systems, including both continuous systems and coupled  cells. Participants from US, UK, Germany, Russia, Israel, Polland and New Zeeland have expressed their interest and registered to participate to the workshop.
Main themes:
    - stability, bifurcation and dynamics of patterns,
    - reduction of the governing equations,
    - the role of  symmetry.
Goal of the workshop:
to discuss relations between different approaches such as center manifolds and normal forms, singular perturbation methods, modulation and phase diffusion equations, and to  stimulate the interaction between experts in equivariant bifurcation theory, pattern formation and dynamical systems.
Specific topics:
bifurcation of periodic and quasiperiodic patterns, spiral and target waves, heteroclinic cycles,  phase dynamics and phase turbulence, fronts and modulated fronts, localized structures (pulses and solitary waves), bursting, intermittent and chaotic dynamics, symmetry breaking through  discretization and its numerical implications. Applications will be presented in fluid mechanics, astrophysics, nonlinear oscillators and other systems.
Partial financial support is offered to graduate students and young researchers (post-docs and faculty with a PhD less than six years old)

Organizers:Gerhard Dangelmayr and Iuliana Oprea, Department of Mathematics, CSU, Fort Collins, CO
NSF, CSU, University Park Holiday Inn, Fort Collins.
Participation by minorities, disabled persons and women is strongly encouraged. There is no conference fee for participation.

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