The Mathematics Department at Colorado State University
is pleased to announce the following public lecture:

Professor Martin Golubitsky
Department of Mathematics, University of Houston

Symmetry in Chaos: Patterns on Average
Wednesday, May 21, 2003 @ 6pm
Engineering Auditorium 100, Engineering Building


Chaos rides on the back of a philosophical paradox: how can deterministic mathematical models produce random behavior?

There is a similar surprise regarding symmetry: symmetric causes can have asymmetric effects. This paradox is called symmetry-breaking. In recent years researchers have shown that it plays a major role in pattern formation in physical systems. 


Finally, the way in which symmetry and chaos co-exist is a third paradox: symmetry suggests order and regularity while chaos suggests disorder and randomness. The combination leads to a striking series of pictures and to a notion of pattern on average.

Anybody curious about mathematics, science, philosophy and arts is invited to attend. No special knowledge is required.
 The lecture is a special event of the
Workshop on Dynamics and Bifurcation of Patterns in Dissipative Systems,
sponsored by the National Science Foundation and Colorado State University.