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For reimbursements:  we need original receipts.  Lodging is already paid for, so
the only receipts should be airline + shuttle( DIA <----> Fort Collins)-receipts.
For visitors from the U.S.,  we will prepare postage-paid return envelopes that
can be used to mail the receipt back to our Department Financial Officer, Kristy Lahnert.
Foreign visitors will have to pay their own postage.
IMPORTANT NOTE for foreign Visitors:

You   need to complete a tax form in order to be reimbursed for travel or other expenses.    You must have, for that, either a  SSN - Social Security Number (from the Social Security Administration) or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (from the IRS).
Details are given below.

Here are the web sites:

Social Security:
        and select "Non-citizens" for information.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS):,,id=96287,00.html

Here's the path for the foreign visitors to complete that tax form for the university.


2.      Click on "Faculty and Staff" in the left side-bar.

3.      Click on "Business & Financial Services" in the left side-bar

4.      Mouse to "Tax Accounting".  Subsets will appear to the right.

5.      Click on "Foreign National Information Form"

        The form will open up.  The visitor completes the form and clicks on
        the "Submit" button.  If you let Kristy Lahnert  know when
        you submit the form (via email  to "")
        she'll make sure Karen gets it.

 6.    You  need to print out that completed form and bring it with
        you, along with passport and entry visa.