Math 336

Instructor: Clay Shonkwiler
Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 11:30–12:30
Location: KINSC H011
Office: KINSC H213
Office Hours: Monday 1:00–2:00, Wednesday 2:00–4:00 and Thursday 1:00–2:00.
Texts: Algebraic Topology, by Allen Hatcher, which is available free at: You can also, of course, buy the book, which is fairly inexpensive.
      In the second half of the course, we will use parts of the following texts, which are on reserve in the library:
  • Rolfsen, Knots and Links
  • Hempel, 3-manifolds
  • Stillwell, Classical Topology and Combinatorial Group Theory
  • Birman, Braids, Links, and Mapping Class Groups
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Midterm Exam
Final Exam