My style of work is as part of collaborations, be it as part of the groups that develop the deal.II or ASPECT software packages, or within my research group within the Department of Mathematics. Below are the current and former members of my group.

Current members of my research group

Wolfgang Bangerth, professor
PhD: Mathematics, 2002

Jerett Cherry, graduate student
Area: Hyperbolic fluid flow discretizations

Marc Fehling, postdoc
PhD: Civil Engineering

Fernando Herrera Valverde, graduate student
Area: tbd

Wasim Munshi, visiting graduate student
Area: Civil engineering

Sam Scheuerman, graduate student
Area: tbd

Former postdocs

Paddy Ball, former postdoc
PhD: Geosciences

Markus Bürg, former postdoc
PhD: Mathematics

Juliane Dannberg, former postdoc
PhD: Geophysics

Jörg Frohne, former postdoc
PhD: Mechanical Engineering

Rene Gassmoeller, former postdoc
PhD: Geophysics

Timo Heister, former postdoc
PhD: Mathematics

Bruno Turcksin, former postdoc
PhD: Nuclear Engineering

Former graduate students

Moritz Allmaras
PhD: Mathematics, 2011

Tyler Anderson
MSc: Mathematics, 2023
Area: Financial modeling

Hung-Chieh Chu
PhD: Mechanical Engineering, 2017

Arezou Ghesmati
PhD: Mathematics, 2017

Leah Gibson, former graduate student
Area: Mathematical modeling of chemical processes

Danny Long, graduate student
PhD: Mathematics, 2023
Area: Mathematical modeling of chemical processes

Karl Ljungqvist, former visiting graduate student
Area: Computer Science

Hannah Ludwig, former visiting graduate student
Area: Mechanical Engineering

Justin O'Connor, graduate student
PhD: Mathematics, 2023
Area: Topology optimization

Lei Qiao, former visiting graduate student
Area: Aerospace engineering

Fang Wang
PhD: Mathematics, 2014

Kainan Wang
PhD: Mathematics, 2014

Jennifer Webster
PhD: Mathematics, 2013

Former undergraduate researchers

Dawson Eliasen
Undergraduate researcher, statistical sampling, 2020-2021.

Elise Meade, undergraduate student
Area: Biological modeling, 2022.

Ryan Trost, undergraduate student
Area: Machine learning, 2021.