GS 510, Introduction to High Performance Computing

MW,2pm, Weber202 + Lab
Alexander Hulpke

Schedule for Project presentations

This page contains material for my GS 510 course, Fall '02.


These are pdf files of my handouts. Let me know if you cannot read this format.






Homework 1 (Due Sep. 11)
fac.c file
Homework 2 (Due Sep. 18)
The `matconv' program from the lecture
Homework 3 (Due Sep. 25)
The framework for problem 5
Code for problem 6
Homework 4 (Due Oct. 4)
The dgesv example from the lecture
Homework 5 (Due Oct. 11) Note Problem 11 changed
Homework 6 (Due Oct. 18)
Music data example.
Homework 7 (Due Oct. 23)
Homework 8 (Due Oct. 30)
Matrix multiplication framework
Homework 9 (Due Nov. 13)


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