Schedule for Alexander Hulpke

Last update: 9/27/2017
TimeMondayTuesday WednesdayThursdayFriday
9am Office Hour (order(SL2(5)))
10am Zach Adams (WB120)   Jacob Mescher (WB120) Departmental (WB117)  
11am M301 (E105) Executive (WB201) M301 (E105) Departmental (WB201) M301 (E105)
1pm Dustin (WB120)   Casey Pinckney (WB120)
2pm Story (WB120)        
3pm M666 (E204)   M666 (E204)   M666 (E204)
4pm Colloquium (WB201) Office Hour (5!) Seminar (biweekly) (WB223)
5pm Seminar (biweekly) (WB223)

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