Simon Tavener

Dr. Simon Tavener

Executive Associate Dean for Academics, College of Natural Sciences
Professor, Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Phone (970) 491-6645
Fax (970) 491-6639
Email tavener@math.colostate.edu
Office 117 Statistics Building



(1) Weak Galerkin finite element methods
(2) Nonlinear hydrodynamic stability

(1) A posteriori error analysis for multiscale, multiphysics problems
(2) Sensitivity and inverse sensitivity analysis

(1) Fluid mechanics (particularly hydrodynamic stability)
(2) Numerical bifurcation methods for continuum mechanics
(3) Deformation and flow in poroelastic materials


Data Science

(I) A new BS degree in Data Science with four concentrations in each of

(1) Computer Science
(2) Economics
(3) Mathematics
(4) Statistics

arrived in Fall 2018. Academic Success Coordinators for each concentration are listed here .

(II) A new Masters Degree in Applied Statistics with a specialization in Data Science is also available.


Spring 2019 (Weeks 8-15)
STAA 577: Statistical Learning and Data Mining





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