Summer School in Gromov-Witten Theory 2014

Pingree Park, Colorado
June 23 - July 4, 2014




Beer Talks

Getting There

Confirmed Participants

BUSES to PINGREE PARK will depart at 3pm and 8pm in front of the Math Department (Weber).

Registration will be also at the math department, starting at 2pm.

(1) Fort Collins Colorado is about 1 hour north of Denver. There are two shuttle services from the Denver airport to Fort Collins (Greenride

 and Supershuttle). Both services can drop you off at the CSU transit center, or at any location in Fort Collins (the shuttles take about 1.5 hours).

(2) Pingree Park is about a two hour drive from Fort Collins - 55 miles of which the last ten is dirt road. If you want to drive yourself be aware of that! We will organize some buses to go up to the Pingree campus. Most likely we will have: - one bus going up on sunday June 22nd in the early afternoon (2-3pm) - one bus going up on sunday June 22nd in the evening (7-8pm) - one bus returning from the mountains July 4th in the early morning (7-8am) - one bus returning from the mountains July 4th at lunch time (12-1pm) The exact hours will be determined once we have information about your travel arrangements. It would be useful if you could try and plan your trip aiming for one of the above options.

(2.5) If you need to/ choose to spend the night in Fort Collins, a couple good options are the Armstrong Hotel or the Best Western University Inn.

(3) We will also provide some transportation for people that are leaving after the first week/coming for the second week, and possibly people that would prefer going back to civilization for the weekend. Note that we will have talks on saturday morning, so downward transportation will be provided in the early afternoon of saturday, and upward transportation on the late afternoon of sunday.

(4) For any special needs (people coming in or leaving in the middle of the week) we can arrange for some of the local grad students to give rides up and down the mountains. In this case our grant will allow us to reimburse gas, but I would ask that you contribute directly to compensate your coiffeur for his/her time. We can think of what a reasonable fare would be, but my guess is it would be in the ballpark of $60-80.

(5) Various random things. The Pingree Park campus is at high elevation in the Rocky mountains: (a) remember to bring sunscreen (b) stay hydrated (c) keep in mind there will be a modest internet connection there and not much more in terms of connections to civilization (d) there are plenty of opportunities for hiking and camping over the weekend, if you would like to plan on doing that come prepared.

Further information on driving directions and weather can be found at the campus website.

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