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Simon Tavener

Dr. Simon Tavener

Professor, Department of Mathematics
Associate Dean for Academics, College of Natural Sciences
Colorado State University
215 Weber Building
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Phone (970) 491-7938
Fax (970) 491-2161
Office 215 Weber Building


(1) a posteriori error analysis and adaptivity for coupled physics problems
(2) sensitivity and inverse sensitivity analysis for coupled physics problems
(3) sensitivity analysis in ecology and in genetics and evolution
(4) nonlinear phenomena in continuum mechanics


Research opportunities for undergraduates

FEScUE is a NSF-funded program to support jointly mentored undergraduate research at the interface of the mathematical and biological sciences. We are seeking inquisitive minds for a new cluster modeling the rescue of endangered populations, to begin in Spring 2014 with the FEScUE seminar (see below).

The College of Natural Sciences Undergraduate Research Institute provides information for undergraduate research opportunities in departments throughout the college.

Teaching (Spring 2014)


MATH 495.3: FEScUE TRE seminar



Freshman Calculus: While at Penn State I was also associated with efforts to develop laboratory experiments for freshman calculus.

OCCAM I have greatly enjoyed two visiting fellowships at the Oxford Center for Collaborative Applied Mathematics in Spring 2010 and Fall 2011.

SIAM I am currently Secretary of SIAM. (I started my term on January 1, 2012.)

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