Colorado State University Department of Mathematics

Algebra Seminar (a.k.a. M592 section 03) 

Current meeting time and place:  Thursday 4:00-5 pm in Weber 117. 

The NSF (grant DMS-07-01303) and D. Rudolph (Yates chair) provide partial support for the algebra and FRNTC seminars. We would like to thank both of them.

Schedule for Fall Semester 2007

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Aug 23 Seth Sullivant Statistical Models, Secant Varieties, and Symbolic Powers    
Aug 30 Warm-up talk - Rachel Pries   Elliptic curves, complex multiplication, and cryptography    
Sept. 6
FRNTC at U. Wyoming
Alice Silverberg
Rachel Pries
Using complex multiplication to count points on elliptic curves
Invariants of p-torsion of Jacobians in characteristic p  
Sept. 13 Rick Miranda Sandpile groups  
Sept. 20 Ovidiu Pasarescu   On the classification of cubic surfaces    
Sept. 27 Warm-up talk - Jeff Achter   L-functions and elliptic curves    
Oct. 18 Jennifer Paulhus   Elliptic Factors in the Jacobian Varieties of Curves    
Oct. 25
FRNTC in Boulder
Stefan Erickson
Wolfgang Schmidt  
Computation evidence for the Stark conjectures
Exponential diophantine equations  
Nov. 1 Igor Krichever   Integrable linear equations of the soliton theory and Riemann-Schottky type problems    
Nov. 8 Colloquium - Wyoming   Alf Van der Poorten    
Nov. 15
FRNTC in Boulder
Jeff Vaaler
Chris Hall  
A Banach space determined by the Weil height on algebraic numbers
Tate's conjecture in fibers of a pencil  
Nov. 29 Warm-up talk - Arsen Elkin   What is a cubic surface?   
Dec. 6
FRNTC in Fort Collins
Chris Sinclair
Yuri Zarhin  
Heights of Polynomials and Random Matrix Theory
Cubic surfaces, cubic threefolds, Jacobians and intermediate Jacobians  
4-5 pm
5-6 pm  

Schedule for Spring Semester 2007

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Feb 1 Arsen Elkin On the Cartier operator    
Feb 8 Rick Miranda Degenerations of Surfaces: invariants and applications   
Feb 22 Tim Penttila (warm-up talk) Cyclic Sylow subgroups of GL(d,q)    
3/8 Ellen Ziliak and Olivia Dumitrescu (warm-up) Orderings, Groebner bases, and Cohen-Macaulay rings    
3/22 Amelia Taylor Fun With Initial Ideals: the Inverse Problem in Grobner Basis Theory   3 pm  
3/22 Ed Burger FRNTC Diophantine Approximation Along Algebraic Curves   4 pm  
3/29 (Video) Nick Katz The Sato-Tate Conjecture   3 pm  
3/29 Abdullah Al-Azemi Classification algorithms for incidence structures   4:10 pm  
April 5 Cristiano Bocci An introduction to algebraic statistics   3 pm  
April 12 Cristiano Bocci Phylogenetic algebraic geometry   3 pm  
April 17 Andrew Sommese An introduction to numeric algebraic geometry   4 pm Tues!  
April 26 FRNTC in Boulder Alina Cojocaru   4 pm  
April 26 FRNTC in Boulder Jing Long Hoelscher Galois Extensions ramified only at one prime   5 pm  

Schedules from prior semesters:  2006    Fall 2005   
Before Fall 2005, the seminar was organized by:   Holger Kley  

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