Colorado State University Department of Mathematics

Algebra Seminar (a.k.a. M592 section 03) 

Current meeting time and place:  Thursday 3:00-4 pm in Weber 117. 

The NSF (grant DMS 04-00461) and D. Rudolph (Yates chair) have provided partial support for the algebra and FRNTC seminars since fall 2004. We would like to thank both of them.

Schedule for Fall Semester 2005

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
August 25 Organizational meeting
September 1 Jesse Brinker
Complex multiplication and abelian extensions of Q(i)   3:00 sharp!  
September 8 Roger Baker
The values of quadratic forms at square-free points   3:00-3:50  
September 8 Pedro Berrizbeita
AKS with Gaussian Sums abstract   4:00-4:50  
September 15 Hiro Abo
Arrangements of planes in P^4 formed from the Petersen graph   3:10-4:00  
September 22 Hiro Abo
Smooth general-type surfaces in P^4 with many 7-secant lines   3:10-4:00  
October 6 Stefan Erickson
Variations on a Theme of Stark   3:10-4  
October 13
Yom Kippur-no seminar    
October 18 FRNTC in Boulder: Michael John Jacobson, Jr.
Computing Class Groups of Quadratic Fields   3-4  
October 18 FRNTC in Boulder: Renate Scheidler
Construction of Hyperelliptic Function fields of High Three-Rank   4-5  
October 20 Anton Dzhamay
Frobenius manifolds   3:10-4  
October 27 Cheryl Praeger
Simple groups, permutation groups, and a problem about primes   3:10-4 
November 3
Math Day- no seminar    
November 10 Holger Kley
So what is a toric variety anyway?   12:10-1  
November 10 Diane Maclagan
GIT and Chow quotients of toric varieties   3:10-4  
November 15 FRNTC in Laramie: Trevor Wooley
The density of rational points on large dimensional hypersurfaces   4-5 pm  
November 15 FRNTC in Laramie: Suion Ih.
  5-6 pm  
November 24
Thanksgiving - no seminar    
December 1 Warm-up talk: Hulpke and Achter
What is a modular form? What is a Newton polygon?   3-4 pm
December 8 FRNTC in Fort Collins: Ken Ono
Modular Forms, Infinite Products, and Singular Moduli   3-4 pm  
December 8 FRNTC in Fort Collins: June Zhu
From L-functions of exponential sums to moduli of abelian varieties   4-5 pm  

Algebra seminar:  Current schedule   

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