Graduate Commutative Algebra
Mathematics 667: spring 2008

Professor: Rachel Pries, e-mail: pries AT; web page:; office: Weber 118.

Lecture: MWF 1:00-1:50, Engineering E203. code 14832

Prerequisite: Math 566-567 or permission of professor.

Syllabus: Weekly syllabus and grading policy

Homework: Detailed information on homework

The project is an opportunity to learn more about a topic in commutative algebra that interests you or will be relevant for your future graduate work. It gives us a chance to hear about cool ideas which we will not have time to cover in class. It is also a good opportunity to develop more skill at writing and speaking on mathematics.

Help: Help is always available if you have trouble with homework or lecture material. If your classmates can't answer your question, come ask me! Office hours are Mon 2-3 and Wed 3-4 or are available by appointment.