Mathematics 400C, Number Theory

12.00 MWF, E206
Alexander Hulpke

Due to scheduling of a seminar, Office hours on Tuesday, March 31, will be at 11am and at 4pm-4:30.

This page contains material for my M 400 C course, Spring '04.


These are pdf files of my handouts and slides. Let me know if you cannot read this format.


  • GAP
  • A wrapper program that gives cut-and-paste ability under Windows. Uncompress this archive somewhere in a place where you have permission to write. Then use the gap shortcut (or the gap.bat file in the rxvt directory created anew) to start GAP.
    Select/Copy is with the left mouse button, paste with the middle mouse button (same as under Unix/XWindows).


Homework is due at the start of the lecture at the indicated date.
Homework 1 (Due Jan 28)
Homework 2 (Due Feb 4)
Homework 3 (Due Feb 11)
Homework 4 (Due Feb 18)
Homework 5 (Due Feb 25)
Homework 6 (Due Mar 3)
Homework 7 (Due Mar 10)
Homework 8 (Due Mar 24)
Homework 9 (Due Mar 31)
Homework 10 (Due Apr 7)
Homework 11 (Due Apr 14)
Homework 12 (Due Apr 21)
Homework 13 (Due Apr 28)
Homework 14 (Due May 5)
Final (Due May 11)


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