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Mathmatical Biology Depts/Centers/Groups   Applied and Computational Mathematics
Ohio State Mathematical Biosciences Institute   Lecture Notes on Spectral Method
Notre Dame Center for the Study of Biocomplexity   Solustion Methods in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Utah Mathematical Biology Group   Cambridge Numerical Analysis Group
UCI Center for Math and Comput Biology   Scientific Computing Preprints at Brown Univ
Vanderbilt Biomathematics Research Group   Central Scheme for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
UCSD National Biomedical Computing Resources   Preprints on Conservation Laws
  Center for Theoretical Biological Physics   Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems
Duke Mathematical Biology Group   Finite Difference Methods for Differential Equations
UMich Mathematical Biology Group   Applied Math/Stat Preprints at Stony Brook
Arizona State Differential Equations and Mathematical Biology   Computational Science Resource at Math Archives
Wisconsin BACTER Institute for Computational Biology   Spectral Viscosity Method for Shock Capturing
Berkeley Mathematical and Computational Biology   National HPCC Software Exchange
UCLA Department of Biomathematics   FORTRAN Routines for Special Functions
Brown Center for Computational Molecular Biology   Techical Reports at Weizmann
Rutgers Institute for Quantitative Biology   Quadrature Rules for Triangle
Michigan State Quantitative Biology and Modeling Initiative   Geometry Junkyard

FEM Mesh/Molecular Surface Generation   Programming Languages
MSMS at Scripps   A Beginner's Guide to Programming Languages
Gamer in FEtk   C/C++  Perl  Python  OpenGL  CVS Tutorial
Molecular Skin Surfaces at UC Davis and NUS   FORTRAN 77/ Fortran 90 Reference
    Online Fortran code checking
Physical Constants    
ISI Journal Title Abbreviations    
Display LaTeX Math in Web Browsers    
How to write make files    
Integration of C/Fortran