Webpage Creating Guide

You can find a sample of a basic html webpage here and a sample .css file here. Save these to your computer (right click -> Save Link As) as a starting point for your own page!

Some general tips for creating an html webpage:

Hosting on the Math Department Server

Graduate students have the option of putting a webpage on the department server. The URLs of these pages are https://www.math.colostate.edu/~yourusername/. Besides creating the actual html documents, hosting a page on the department server requires a bit of computing knowledge. Here is a short guide on how to set this up:

On macOS or Linux

The server is *nix based, so it is easy to access from other *nix operating systems through the terminal.

On Windows

Windows is not immediately compatible with *nix. The easiest way to put files onto the server from a Windows machine is to use WinSCP. This is already install ed on the department computers. On your personal machine you can download it here. This provides a graphical interface in which to do all of the above. Guides on using WinSCP can be found here.