Patrick Shipman

Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University




Aims and Scopes

Instructors for Authors

Notice to Referees

VOLUME 7, 2016


John Obuch
Crystallization Processes in 1 Dimension

VOLUME 6, 2014


Jamie Budai
Calculating Fractal Dimensions of Attracting Sets of the Lorenz System

VOLUME 5A, 2013


Nicholas Kaufhold and Nickolas Erickson
Solid Lightning


Kelly Mauser
Exploiting the Colors of Soap Bubbles


Ben Cooper
Heteroclinic Cycles in Competitive Populations

VOLUME 3B, 2011


Myla Kilchrist and David Packard
Weierstrass-Enneper Representations


Liz Lane-Harvard and Melissa Schwager
Hamiltonian Systems and Chaos:An Overview


Roberto Munoz-Alicea
Introductions to Bifurcations and the Hopf Bifurcation Theorem for Planar Systems


Ryan Pryce
Continuous and Discrete Dynamics Parameterized by the Mandelbrot Set


Chuan Zhang
Linear Stability Analysis of a Network of Two Neurons with Delay

VOLUME 3, 2011
Geometry Festival

VOLUME 2B, 2010


Daniel A. Auerbach
Tamarisk Biocontrol: Implications for Riparian Community Composition


Daniel Brake
Wave interacting on an annulus, with a Fibonacci-style resonance


Sofya Chepushtanova
Dynamical Modeling of Viral Spread


Melody Dodd
The Belousov-Zhabotinsky Oscillator: An Overview


Eric Hanson
On Using Numerical Algebraic Geometry to Find Lyapunov Functions of Polynomial Dynamical Systems


David Hopkins and Michael Mikucki
A Duffing Family of Dynamical Systems


Francis Motta
Security from Chaos


Jaime Shinn
Chemical Kinetics and the Roessler System

VOLUME 2A, 2010
Focused Issue on Asymptotics and Perturbations


Table of Contents


Jennifer Maple
Single and Multiple Boundary Layer Phenomena - Examples


Roberto Muñoz-Alicea
A Mathematical Model for Enzyme Kinetics: Multiple Timescales Analysis


Shankar Ragi
Prandtl 3D Boudary Layer and a Convection-Diffusion Boundary Layer in a Cellular Network Problem


Nada Sekeljic
Aymptotic Expansion of Bessel Functions: Applications to Electromagnetics


Jaime Shinn
Perturbation Theory and the WKB Method


Christopher Strickland
Asymptotic Analysis of Coupled Equations Displaying Pattern Formation Supported by NSF grant No DMS-1022635 to PDS


Chuan Zhang
An Introduction to the Averaging Method


Yang Zou
An Application of Perturbation Methods in Evolutionary Ecology

VOLUME 1, 2009


Luke Bayens
The Geometry of a Class of Partial Differential Equations and Surfaces in Lie Algebras


Josh Bevivino
The Path from the Simple Pendulum to Chaos


Michael Buhnerkempe
The Coevolution of Host Resistance and Parasite Virulence in Yersenia pestis infection in black-tailed prairie dogs


Aaron Hagerstrom
Three-Wave Interactions of Spin Waves


Sarah Hamilton
Dynamics of Methylene Blue-Glucose-Oxygen System


Kenneth Monks
Four Waves with Fibonacci-like Resonance and their Symmetries


Roberto Munoz-Alicea
A Model for Host-Multipathogen Interaction


Nicholas Rohrbacker
Analysis of Electroencephologram Data Using Time-Delay Embeddings to Reconstruct Phase Space


Jenna Tague and Lori Ziegelmeier
The Chaos Game


Chuan Zhang
Storing Heteroclinic Cycles in Hopfield-type Neural Networks