Applied Math Seminar
Colorado State University

Fall 2014
Thursdays 3-4pm in Weber 223 (unless otherwise specified)
Organized by Patrick Shipman

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes

Thu. Sept. 4

David Aristoff
CSU Math
Dimension reduction in molecular dynamics

Thu. Sept. 13

Michael Mickucki
CSU Math
Modeling protein-mediated changes in membrane morphology

Thu. Sept. 18

Brent Davis
CSU Math
The MLV line for Pattern Recognition in High-Dimensional Data Sets

Monday Sept. 22
Room TBA
John Gemmer
Brown University
Isometric Immersions and Pattern Formation in Thin Elastic Sheets

Thu. Sept. 25

David Aristoff
CSU Math
The parallel replica method for Markov Chains

Monday, Oct. 6
pending confirmation in BHSCI A101
Craig Douglas
University of Wyoming
Implementations and Interpretations of the Talbot-Ogden Infiltration Model

Thu. Oct. 9

Mark Hoefer
UC Boulder
Experiments on Solitons, Dispersive Shock Waves, and Their Interactions

Thu. Oct. 16

Hakima Bessaih
University of Wyoming
Continuous Data Assimilation with Stochastically Noisy Data

Thu. Oct. 23

Patrick O'Leary
Kitware, Inc., Santa Fe
In Situ Analysis with ParaView, Catalyst & Cinema
Joint with CSU SIAM Student Chapter
Friday Oct. 24
2:00 in Weber 201
Mei Yin
University of Denver
Exact asymptotics for constrained exponential random graphs
Contact: David Aristoff
Thu. Oct. 30

Gideon Simpson
Relative Entropy Preconditioning for Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Contact: David Aristoff
Thu. Nov. 6
SPECIAL TIME: 2:00-2:50
Natalie Cartwright
SUNY-New Paltz/CSU
Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Dispersive Material

Thu. Nov. 13

Clayton Shonkwiler
CSU Math
A New Algorithm for Sampling Closed Equilateral Random Walks

Thu. Nov. 20

Lingjiong Zhu

Self-Exciting Point Processes
Contact: David Aristoff
Thu. Dec. 4

Lorenz Berger
University of Oxford
A Poroelastic Model for Modelling Tissue Deformation and Ventilation in the Lung
Contact: Simon Tavener
Thu. Dec. 11

Olivier Pinaud

Waves in random media: asymptotics and applications