Patrick O'Leary,  Kitware, Inc., Santa Fe

In Situ Analysis with ParaView, Catalyst & Cinema

High performance computing moves towards extreme-scale where the "FLOPS are free" and data movement is the primary bottleneck. The current simulation approach, which relies extensive on I/O resources, simply does not or will not scale. To deliver useful information to the scientist, engineer and/or medical researcher, it is clear that we must manage data movement, perform analysis in situ, and leverage advanced analysis algorithms. Options for extreme scale data analysis are often presented as a stark contrast: write large files to disk for interactive, exploratory analysis, or perform in situ analysis to save detailed data about phenomena that a scientists knows about in advance. In this talk, we present a novel framework for a third option – a highly interactive, image-based approach that promotes exploration of simulation results, and is easily accessed through extensions to widely used open source tools. This in situ approach supports interactive exploration of a wide range of results, while still significantly reducing data movement and storage.