Algebraic Geometry


Algebraic Topology


San Jose

Costa Rica

February 2010



This page contains some information about the mathematical exchange program between Colorado State University and Universidad de Costa Rica that took place in the San Pedro campus of the UCR on Feburary 1-12, 2010. Here you can find lecture notes for the two mini-courses, pdf files for (some) of the research talks, and some photos.

Some of the participants of the mini-courses.

Renzo, Elly, Dusty and Chris.

Many thanks to Pedro Mendez, Jorge Guier, William Ugalde, and all the math students at UCR (Adrian, Juancho, Rafael, Peter, Mariano, Alberto, Samaria, Rafa, Jennifer, Ahn, Priscilla, Juan Gabriel, David, Raul, Adriana, Bryan and apologies if I am forgetting someone) for their interest and enthusiasm in the activity and their warm hospitality in beautiful Costa Rica!

Mini-courses notes:

1.   Chris Peterson and Elly Smith

Introduction to Algebraic Geometry: Varieties, Ideals and Grobner Bases. (notes by Elly Smith and Adrian Barquero)


2.   Renzo Cavalieri and Dusty Ross

Introduction to Algebraic Topology: the Fundamental Group. (notes by Dusty Ross)


Research Talks:

       Chris Peterson

Recovery of exactness from approximations

       Elly Smith

If Sherlock Holmes were a mathematician

       Renzo Cavalieri

All you’ve always wanted to know about moduli spaces … (and never dared to ask)

       Dusty Ross

Open and orbi Gromov-Witten theory



       Courses and Talks

       Beautiful Costa Rica