Colorado State University Department of Mathematics

Algebra Seminar (a.k.a. M592 section 03) 

Current meeting time and place:  Thursday 4:00-5 pm in Weber 117. 

The NSF (grant DMS-07-01303) and D. Rudolph (Yates chair) provide partial support for the algebra and FRNTC seminars. We would like to thank both of them.

Schedule for Spring Semester 2008

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Feb 12 (Tues) Matthew Ballard Homological mirror symmetry   10 am  
Feb 19 (Tues) Joe Silverman- FRNTC in Boulder Primitive Divisors in Divisibility Sequences   4 pm  
Feb 20 (Wed) Joe Silverman- colloquium Dynamical systems from a number theorist's perspective   4 pm  
March 4 FRNTC at CU: Hans-Peter Schlickewei
  4 pm  
March 4 FRNTC at CU: Hedi Daboussi
  5 pm  
March 6 Ovidiu Pasarescu Halphen-Castelnuovo Theory for Smooth Curves in Projective space  4 pm  
April 3 FRNTC at CSU: Jonathan Sands
Dedekind Zeta functions at s=-1 and the Fitting ideal
of the tame kernel in a relative quadratic extension  
4 pm  
April 3 FRNTC at CSU: Vinod Radhaknishnan
Non-Serre elliptic curves   5 pm  
April 29 FRNTC at CU: Jasbir Chajal
A great theorem for an undergrad number theory course   4 pm  
April 29 FRNTC at CU: David Farmer
Modeling the Riemann zeta function   5 pm  
May 1 Matthew Ballard
A perfect pairing of derived categories of coherent sheaves   4 pm  

Schedules from prior semesters:  2007    2006    Fall 2005   
Before Fall 2005, the seminar was organized by:   Holger Kley  

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