Homework for Number Theory
M405: Spring 2018

Homework is the most important part of this class. Doing homework problems is crucial for doing well in this class. Some homework problems will help you learn the material and demonstrate this knowledge. Other problems will involve experiments and open-ended investigation. The process of doing homework will help you solve problems on the tests. Homework is due every Friday at the beginning of class. Late homework is only worth 50% of the total score. Homework must be neat, legible, and stapled in order to receive credit. I encourage you to brainstorm the problems in groups and write up your solutions independently. Remember to explain all your work.

HW 0: due Friday 1/19

HW 1: due Friday 1/26

HW 2: due Friday 2/2

HW 3: due Friday 2/9

HW 4: due Wednesday 2/21

Sample midterm problems: do not hand in

HW 5: due Friday 3/9

HW 6: due Friday 3/30