M 340 Sec 4          Spring 2015      


Instructor:   P DuChateau    WB 129  
Phone         491-6005 
e-mail          pauld@math.colostate.edu


M340 sec 4           MTWF  12:00-12:50                 EE203


Off Hrs:       (by  appointment  )



Grading:      Homework = 30%

                   common exams       = 20%,20%,30%   (2 during semester and a final)


Homework will be assigned frequently .


Assignment 1

Assignment 3

Assignment 4 solutions

Exam 2 In Class solutions

Final Exam solutions


The due date for each assignment will be announced when it is given out.



We will cover the following topics:


          Introduction to Differential Equations

          First Order Equations: solution methods

           Linear Algebra

          Systems of Linear Equations

          Second Order Linear Equations

          The Laplace Transform

          Dynamical Systems


J. Polking, A. Boggess, D. Arnold:
Differential Equations (2nd edition)
Prentice Hall 2006, 2001, ISBN 0-13-143738-0


The topics listed above correspond roughly to chapters in the text but it is not required that you buy the text (and I don't recommend it).

Notes for an alternative (and free) text are available for downloading from this website. (see below)




Notes for downloading:


Table of Contents

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six