M CC 192: First-Year Seminar in the Mathematical Sciences
Fall 2001
Instructor: Rick Miranda (with the assistance of Richard Painter)
W 4:10-5:00pm
Office: Weber 106; Phone: 491-6327; email: miranda@math.colostate.edu
Richard Painter: Weber 204, 491-6478, painter@math.colostate.edu

Course Outline:

Mathematics Seminar Meetings:
a. Number Theory
b. Geometry
c. Modeling
d. Discrete Mathematics
e. Problem-Solving
f. How to Study and Write Mathematics

Math Club Meetings:
a. Concentrations in Mathematics
b. Industrial Mathematics Presentation
c. Enrichment Lecture

a. Library
b. Career Center
c. Computing/other resources at CSU

First Meeting: ENGRG B105 August 22, 2001.

Homework Due 8/29/01:
1. Get an email address if you don't already have one.
   Bring the address to class, and write to me at least once
   before the next class meeting.
2. Bring to class some physical object that has some mathematical interest,
   and be prepared to explain why you find it interesting.
   This can be a book, a poster, a small sculpture, a toy, etc.
3. Write a half-page (2 paragraphs) about something
   you find mathematically interesting,
   and be prepared to present it to the class next week.
   (This can be, but need not be, related to the physical object of #2.)
   I will collect this.