Spring 2019  MATH 617  Measure and Integration

Class Time & Room
MTWF 2:00pm--2:50pm, EngrgE105

Prof. Jiangguo (James) Liu
Office: Weber  127
Phone: (970)491-3067
Email: liu@math.colostate.edu
Office Hour: MWF 1:00pm--1:50pm and by appointments

-- [SA]
  Lecture Notes by Professor Sheldon Axler at San Francisco State University
(A pdf file will be distributed to you on the first day of class.  But please do not re-distribute it due to copyright.) 
-- [IR]  Inder Rana, "An Introduction to Measure and Integration", 2nd ed., AMS, 2002,
ISBN-10: 0-8218-2974-2, Graduate Studies in Mathematics, Vol.45

Course Contents and Goals
Core materials: [SA] to be determined; [IR] Chapter 1-7 
Optional: Optimal transport for data science; [IR] Chapter 8,9; Topics from other books

Homework and Class Participation (80%)
There will be seven (7) assignments.  As graduate students, you are expected to put constant efforts on the course during the semester. There will be hard problems in the assignments, but I am here to help you any time.

Final (20%)
Tentatively scheduled for Tue. May 14, 2019, 4:10pm--6:10pm.

Letter Grades
Letter grade: A:100-90; B: 89-80; C: 79-70; D: 69-60; F: <60.

We shall follow the rules set by the University.

Supplementary Reading
[1] P.Halmos, Measure Theory, Graduate Texts in Mathematics 18, Springer, 1978, ISBN 0-387-90088-8 (hardcover)
[2] H.L.Royden, Real Analysis, Prentice-Hall,3rd ed., 1988, ISBN 0-02-404151-3 (hardcover)

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