Sponsored Research Projects / Workshops

National Science Foundation, DMS-1419077, PI; "Developing Novel Numerical Methods for Flow and Transport in Porous Media"

National Science Foundation, DMS-0915253, PI; "New Techniques in Characteristic Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems
"Mathematical Modeling of Gag Protein Trafficking Inside Cytoplasm"; An internal funding from the Center for Interdisciplinary Mathematics and Statistics (CIMS) at Colorado State University;  $7,500;  Summer 2009;  Chaoping Chen (Biochemistry),  Jiangguo "James" Liu (Math),  Judy Mufti (Biochemistry grad),  Roberto Munoz-Alicea (Math grad)
"Workshop on Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulations for Soft Materials"; National Science Foundation, DMS-0854518; $24,281; To be held at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado; Mon.-Fri. 09/13-17/2010; PI: Iuliana Oprea; Co-PIs: Simon Tavener, Qiang Wang, Jiangguo Liu