Colorado State University Department of Mathematics Weber Building

Applied Math Seminar, Spring 2008
Thursdays 10-11amWeber 117
Co-organized by James Liu and Du Pham
(Forthcoming talks are subject to changes depending on availability of speakers and other activities)
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Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Thu. 10-11am
Haiying Wang
Colorado State University
H(div)-postprocessing and hybridization of
continuous Galerkin finite element for second order elliptic problems

Wed. 4-5pm

Keith Promislow
Michigan State University
Pore formation in polymer electrolytes Local host
Simon Tavener
Thu. 10-11am
Dan Stanescu
University of Wyoming
Nonstandard analysis and shock jump conditions

No Seminar CSU Spring Break (03/15-23/2008)
Thu. 10-11am
Mikyoung Lim
Colorado State University
Reconstructing Small Perturbations of an Interface

Thu. 10-11am
John Shadid
Sandia National Laboratory
Progress on the Development on Fully-implicit Fully-coupled
Unstructured FE Solution Methods for Resistive MHD Simulations

Thu. 10-11am

Jiangguo (James) Liu
Colorado State University
A 2nd Order Finite Volume Method on Quadrilateral Meshes
for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems

Thu. 10-11am

Bo Dong
Brown University
A Superconvergent LDG-Hybridizable Method for Biharmonic Problems Local host
James Liu
Thu. 10-11am

David Wang
Colorado State University
Some Mathematical/Numerical Problems in the Study of Inhomogeneous Polymers
Thu. 10-11am

Duane Rosenberg
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Adaptive High Order Methods for Turbulence
Thu. 10-11am
Varis Carey
Colorado State University

Averaging Operators as Error Estimators and Indicators
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