Colorado State University Department of Mathematics Weber Building

Applied Math Seminar, Fall 2007
Thursdays 3-4pm,  Weber 117
Co-organized by James Liu and Du Pham
(Forthcoming talks are subject to changes depending on availability of speakers and other activities)
Other potential speakers

Date Speaker Title (Click on title for abstract, if available) Notes
Mon. 10-11am
Cesare Tronci
Imperial College
Geometric Dissipation in Kinetic Theory with Anisotropic Interactions Local host:
Vakhtang Putkaradze
Thu. 3-4pm
Du Pham
Colorado State University
Singular Perturbation of Semi-linear Reaction-Convection
Equations in a Channel and  Numerical Applications

Tue. 2-3pm 

Warren Smith
Center for Range Voting
Breaking (?) the AES Cryptosystem Local host
Tim Penttila

Thu. 3-4pm
Ethan Murphy
Colorado State University
Advances in the numerical implementation of Nachman's
D-bar Method

Fri., 2-3pm
Sue Brenner
Louisiana State Univeristy
Nonconforming Methods for Time-Harmonic Maxwell Equations

Thu. 3-4pm
Paul DuChateau
Colorado State University

Modelling Radiosensitive Response- The RBE versus LET Curve
as an Input-output Relation

Thu. 12-1pm
MRB 123
Qing Nie
University of California at Irvine

Specificity of Cell Singalling

Joint with the
Programs of Cell and
Molecular Biology
Thu. 3-4pm

Victor Ginting
University of Wyoming
A Stochastic Homogenization for Reservoir Simulation

Wed. 2-3pm
Shawn Martin
Sandia National Lab
Inverse Molecular Design Using Chemical Fragments

Thu. 3-4pm
Stephane Lafortune
College of Charleston

Stability Analysis of Persisting Periodic Solutions to
a Complex Ginzburg-Landau Perturbation of NLS

Local host
Gerhard Dangelmayr
No Seminar CSU Thanksgiving Break (11/19-23/2007)
Thu. 3-4pm
Annick Pouquet
National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)
Interactions of Eddies and Waves in MHD Turbulence 
Zijian Diao
Ohio University

Eastern Campus

Quantum Computing: How Do Photons Bounce? Local host
James Liu

Spring 2007 Applied Math Seminar @ ColoState
Fall 2006 Applied Math Seminar @ ColoState
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