Codie Lewis

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Department of Mathematics
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523

Office: Weber 233

My Current State

I am a mathematics graduate student at Colorado State University. My studies focus on stochastic processes, measure theory, and their uses for simulation and sampling of high-dimensional dynamics. My research is dedicated to understanding the mathematical framework for current simulation and sampling methods and analyzing alternatives, particularly with regards to molecular dynamics.

My Previous States

As an undergraduate, I majored in physics my first two years and then added mathematics for the last two. After my sophomore year, I enjoyed a summer research opportunity on near-threshold photoproduction of negative pions at the MAX-lab facility in Lund, Sweden. After that summer, however, mathematics slowly won over my heart. By the time I was finishing up my senior year, my research interests rested in number theory. Those interests culminated in a paper, co-authored by Dr. Cassie Williams, which attempts to further conjectures based on the Cohen-Lenstra heuristics.

My Future States

While I am currently enjoying academia, my intention is not to remain here. I am hoping to finish attaining my masters and doctorate by 2020. After that, my intentions are to seek employment in a business or government setting where I can turn my mind to more immediate applications which have mathematical solutions waiting to be discovered.