Michael Kirby, Professor
Department of Mathematics
Department of Computer Science
Colorado State University

Pattern Analysis Laboratory (PAL)

Contact Information:
       Office: Weber 211, Colorado State University
       Phone: 970-491-6850, FAX: 970-491-2161
       Email: Kirby  (at)  math (dot) colostate (dot) edu

Research Interests:  Computational and Applied Mathematics.  Geometric data
analysis, mathematical modeling and analysis of large data sets, optimization. 
We are now exploring some complex biological data sets.

Courses Fall 2018:

M 510 Linear Programming and Network Flows T, Tr 9:30-10:45.
M 581A2 Linear Algebra for Non-mathematicians CSU OnLine.

Courses Spring 2019:

DSCI 369 Linear Algebra for Data Scientists.
Math 633: Graduate Seminar in Industrial and Applied Math.

Data Sets