Workshop on Tensor Equivalence & Isomorphism Problems

We are pleased to announce a workshop on

Tensor Equivalence & Isomorphism Problems

June 3 throught June 14, 2019.

to be hosted at the University of Colorado and the Colorado State University Mountain Campus Pingree Park.

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Dear colleagues, The Department of Mathematics at Colorado State University and the Department of Computer Science at the University of Colorado, Boulder invite interested participants to attend a workshop and conference on tensors, their algebra, algorithms, and applications. We are building on and expanding on previous workshops on Groups and Computation, Wildness and Interactions. The central theme of tensors is meant to bring together several complementary research areas - pure & applied mathematics, quantum physics, big data, scientific computing, & theoretical computer science - whose interactions could yield breakthroughs. The workshop consists of:

  • Mini-courses + group problem sessions (June 4—8, U. Colorado Boulder Campus)
  • Presentations of contemporary research and software demonstrations (June 9-14, Colorado State University “Pingree Park” Mountain Campus).
Mini-courses include the following topics: We especially encourage graduate students and younger researchers to apply to attend these workshops and subsequent joint problem sessions.
Researchers interested in attending mini courses and conference should fill out the following Google form (it's just an informal expression of interest, not yet official registration):
We hope you can join us!

Short Courses (June 4-8, U. Colorado Boulder Campus)

  • Tensor decompositions: arranging high-dimensional grids of data into blocks.
  • Tensor equivalence and isomorphism testing: comparing high-dimensional data.
  • Complexity of tensor computations, NP-completeness, role of tensors in complexity lower bounds (such as Geometric Complexity Theory)
  • Foundations of algebraic computation
  • Quantum computation
  • Statistical analysis of (big) tensor data


  • Peter A. Brooksbank, Bucknell, Dept. Mathematics.
  • Joshua Grochow, U. Colorado, Dept. Computer Science.
  • Alexander Hulpke, Colorado State U. Dept. Mathematics.
  • Youming Qiao,
  • James B. Wilson, Colorado State U. Dept. Mathematics.