M369 Spring 2002 Course: Linear Algebra

Instructor: Dr. Iuliana Oprea
Department of Mathematics, Colorado State University office:Weber 123, phone:1-6751,
office hours: M:4-5pm; W:11-12am and by appointment, url: http://www.math.colostate.edu/~juliana
Grader: PhD Candidate Cristiano BOCCI,
Office:  Math. Grad Student Office, basement, Weber 18, available: M 4-5 pm, email: bocci@math.colostate.edu
Textbook: Jim Hefferon, Linear Algebra: http://joshua.smcvt.edu/linalg.html

other interesting links:
 http://home.wlu.edu/~dresdeng  - some nice movies with matrices and not only
 http://web.mit.edu/18.06/www/ -you can find here a complementary source of problems with solutions, hints, informations related to the linear algebra, videos with linear algebra lectures and so on.

last Homework:
HW #24 1.7, 1.21,
       2.7 pag 358, 3.40, pag.366,due Friday 26
check with the instructor for the material handed out in class this week or get an extra copy from instructor's door; attach the pages to the textbook, at the end of it, before Appendix.
worth 15 points, due at the end of April (Last lecture in April); save it to you home directory and then open it with MAPLE. There also is a Maple Project on Least Squares, available upon request, by the end of this week,but no credit will be given for doing it.


Note: If you didn't receive a particular material  handed out in class, like review sheet, assigned problems not from the text book, etc, you can find an extracopy of it on my office's door.

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